NAFO Scientific Council Reports

Scientific Council Reports are published annually as a compilation of individual meeting reports held throughout the year. These reports contain the stock assessment advice to the Commission and Coastal States (as requested), as well answers to special requests. The Reports also contain the results of other meetings by the Scientific Council, as well as reports of its Standing Committees. All Joint Commission-Scientific Council reports are published in the Meeting Proceedings of the Commission.

Scientific Council Reports are published in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.


NAFO Scientific Council Reports

SC Reports - 2015


Part A - Report of the Joint Fisheries Commission-Scientific Council Ad Hoc Working Group on Catch Reporting (WG-CR), 20-21 April 2015 (501 kb)
Part B - Report of the Joint Fisheries Commission-Scientific Council Working Group on Risk-Based Management Strategies (WG-RBMS), 22-24 April 2015 (567 kb)
Part C - Report of the Scientific Council and its Standing Committees, 29 May - 11 Jun 2015 (5.6 MB)
Part D - Report of the Fisheries Commission and Scientific Council Working Group on the Ecosystem Approach Framework to Fisheries Management, 15-17 July 2015 (1069kb)
Part E - Report of the NAFO/ICES Pandalus Assessment Group (NIPAG), 9-16 September 2015, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada (3.16 MB) 
Part F - Report of the Scientific Council, 9-16 September 2015 (1000 kb)
Part G - Report of the Scientific Council, 21-25 September 2015 (952 kb)
Part H - Miscellaneous (Agendas, Documents, Participants and Recommendations) (871 kb)
Report of the NAFO Working Group on Ecosystem Science Assessment (WG-ESA), 17-26 November 2015 (16 MB)

Print volume - High resolution (13 MB)

Complete volume REVISED (9.0 MB)

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