NAFO Convention Area

The NAFO Convention Area encompasses a large portion of the Atlantic Ocean and includes the 200-mile zones of Coastal States jurisdiction (USA, Canada, St. Pierre et Miquelon and Greenland). The total area under NAFO’s Convention is 6,551,289 km2.

Management by NAFO, however, applies only to the areas straddling and outside the EEZs (Exclusive Economic Zones). This is known as NAFO’s Regulatory Area (NRA) and is 2,707,895 km2.


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General Info

NAFO is an intergovernmental fisheries science and management body. NAFO was founded in 1979 as a successor to ICNAF (International Commission of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries) (1949-1978). The objective of this Convention is to ensure the long term conservation and sustainable use of the fishery resources in the Convention Area and, in so doing, to safeguard the marine ecosystems in which these resources are found.

The NAFO Convention on Cooperation in the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries applies to most fishery resources of the Northwest Atlantic except salmon, tunas/marlins, whales, and sedentary species (e.g. shellfish). 

Currently NAFO has 12 Contracting Parties, and the following structure:

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