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Throughout its existence, NAFO has strived to apply state of the art science to fishery management. For this purpose and in addition to its reports and assessment documents, NAFO (or ICNAF before 1979) has maintained broader scientific publications since 1949. NAFO has digitized all of the NAFO and ICNAF historical documentation. Please, contact the Secretariat if you have any special requests.

  • Journal of Northwest Atlantic Fishery Science: The NAFO Journal is maintained on its own website. It provides an international forum for the primary publication of original research papers, with emphasis on environmental, biological, ecological and fishery aspects of the living marine resources and ecosystems.
  • Reports (Redbook): The NAFO Scientific Council Reports are a compendium of the reports of the meetings published on a calendar year basis.
  • Scientific Council Studies: The NAFO SC Studies provide a means to publish technical scientific information, e.g. manuals, methodologies, etc, of interest to NAFO Scientific Council. In the past (until 2002), the SC Studies also served for publication of peer-reviewed scientific papers.
  • Research Documents (SCR): SCR Documents are used in the stock assessment process and elaboration of the scientific advice to NAFO Fisheries Commission.
  • Summary Documents (SCS): SCS documents contain miscellaneous information and metadata that are used by Scientific Council for their assessment work in addition to the Research Documents (SCR).
  • Commission-Scientific Council Documents (COM-SC): 2017 - 
  • Fisheries Commission-Scientific Council Documents (FC-SC): In 2014 a new series of documents was created to accommodate work done in the newly-created Fisheries Commission-Scientific Council Working Groups. The series is called FC-SC Documents. As of 18 May 2017, it became COM-SC.
  • Early Stages of Fishes in the Western North Atlantic Ocean by Michael P. Fahay (monograph)

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