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Catch Statistics

NAFO Annual Fisheries Statistics Databases

NAFO Members send their annual compilation of information on national catches and landings to the NAFO Secretariat. These data are used for statistical purpose within NAFO (and elsewhere). Complete statistical data have been published in Statistical Bulletin since 1951. This printed version of the statistics were discontinued after Vol. 49 for 1999. The electronic database of the STATLANT 21 data are updated regularly as new information becomes available.

21B database: contains monthly catch and effort information by year, country, gear, tonnage, main species, Division, and year. As it is very large, the Secretariat makes it available on the web as a number of comma-delimited text files containing one decade each.

STATLANT 21B files in comma-delimited txt format (zipped)

NAFO 21B data for 1960-1969
(548 kb)
NAFO 21B data for 1970-1979
(1015 kb)
NAFO 21B data for 1980-1989
(1264 kb)
NAFO 21B data for 1990-1999
(869 kb)
NAFO 21B data for 2000-2009
 (496 kb - updated 15 Apr 2011) 
NAFO 21B data for 2010-2018 (154 kb - updated 31 January 2022) 

NOTE: Users of 21 data should note that discrepencies between 21A and 21B may occur in total catch of species for the years 1994-onward. Total catch of USA by species is included in the 21A but not in the 21B data. All 21B data is due 31 August every year.

Instructions and reporting forms for STATLANT 21A and 21B:


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