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Report of the Scientific Council Greenland Halibut Stock Assessment and Management Strategy...

Report of the NAFO Working Group on Improving Efficiency of NAFO Working Group Process (E-WG)...

Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement (SIOFA)

3 August 2017

Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement (SIOFA)

Job Vacancy - Database/IT Manager

As part of a small team, the SIOFA Database/IT Manager a will participate in most aspects of the work of the Secretariat and provide support to the Meeting of the Parties and its subsidiary bodies as required. The working language of SIOFA is English.

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Report of the NAFO STACTIC Observer Program Review Working Group (WG-OPR)

Report of the NAFO Joint Fisheries Commission-Scientific Council Working Group on Risk-Based...

Report of the SC Working Group on Ecosystem Science and Assessment (WG-ESA), 9-17 November 2016

Report of the Joint Advisory Group on Data Manager (JAGDM) Meeting

Annual Report - 2016

Annual Report - 2016 14 June 2017

Annual Report - 2016

Read all about NAFO's activities, events, discussions and decisions for 2016

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Report of the NAFO Standing Committee on International Control (STACTIC) Intersessional Meeting

PRESS RELEASE - NAFO - Amended Convention

SC Report 2016

SC Report 2016 28 April 2017

SC Report 2016

Complete Volume

This is a compilation of all the SC Reports for 2016 (Redbook)


(pdf 18.8 MB)

NAFO Joint Fisheries Commission–Scientific Council Working Group on Risk-Based Management...


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Jobs - Internal and External

INTERNAL - Vacancy Announcement - Office Administrator - Maternity 2017. For further information please download the pdf.
Applications should include the following: Cover letter and Resume.
Please send your application via email to:
Mr. Stan Goodick, Deputy Executive Secretary/Senior Finance and Staff Administrator

EXTERNAL - Vacancy announcements :

Various Science Positions - Memorial University of Newfoundland
Quantitative Fisheries Scientist, Fisheries Stock Assessment Scientist, and MSc and PhD students

  • International Ocean Institute (IOI).
  • Application information is available in the Training section of our website ( along with the detailed 2015 Course Report.  Questions regarding the programme or application process can be addressed to Madeleine Coffen-Smout, Programme Officer ( 

The individual will gain experience and knowledge in operations of NAFO as an intergovernmental organization while the NAFO Secretariat will benefit through the presence of an additional professional and his/her capacity and knowledge.

Nature of the Internship
Under the supervision of the Executive Secretary, interns will work on project(s) at the Secretariat relevant to their professional interests, scholarship programs and development needs. Interns may be given a wide variety of tasks related to various aspects of:

  • fisheries management
  • fisheries science
  • databases
  • administrative, meeting coordination, publications; and
  • other NAFO activities delegated by the Executive Secretary.
For more information about the programme, click here. Internship Info

Internship application

In 2009 NAFO established a General Council Performance Assessment Working Group (PAWG) to address the establishment of a performance review to identify the strengths and weaknesses in NAFO, as urged by the United Nations General Assembly in its resolution 63/112 on Sustainable Fisheries for Regional Fishery Management Organizations (RFMOs). In 2010 the working group met and the terms of the Performance Review were developed. General Council approved terms of reference (ToR) at the September Annual Meeting. The report can be downloaded here.(5.8 MB)

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