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2021 NAFO Virtual Annual Meeting Press Release - September

Report of the NAFO Joint Commission-Scientific Council Working Group on RiskBased Management Strategies (WG-RBMS) Meeting

Report of the NAFO Joint Commission-Scientific Council Working Group on the Ecosystem Approach Framework to Fisheries Management (WG-EAFFM) Meeting

Report of the NAFO Commission Ad hoc Working Group to Reflect on the Rules Governing Bycatches, Discards and Selectivity (WG-BDS) in the NAFO Regulatory Area Meeting

Report of the Joint Advisory Group on Data Management (JAGDM) Meeting

Report of the NAFO Scientific Council and its Standing Committees Meeting

SC Reports - 2020

SC Reports - 2020 27 May 2021

SC Reports - 2020

462 pages - 15 MB

SAVE THE DATE! ICES/NAFO/IMR Symposium on Decadal Variability of the North Atlantic and its Marine Ecosystems: 2010-2019

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None available at this time.


Vacancy Announcement-Executive Director - North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission (NPAFC)
31 December Application Deadline
Full Details

The individual will gain experience and knowledge in operations of NAFO as an intergovernmental organization while the NAFO Secretariat will benefit through the presence of an additional professional and his/her capacity and knowledge.

Nature of the Internship
Under the supervision of the Executive Secretary, interns will work on project(s) at the Secretariat relevant to their professional interests, scholarship programs and development needs. Interns may be given a wide variety of tasks related to various aspects of:

  • fisheries management
  • fisheries science
  • databases
  • administrative, meeting coordination, publications; and
  • other NAFO activities delegated by the Executive Secretary.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently not accepting applications. We will update our website once the internship program resumes. For more information about the NAFO Internship program, click here.

  Internship Info


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