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Report of the NAFO Joint Commission-Scientific Council Working Group on Risk-Based Management Strategies (WG-RBMS) Meeting

UPDATE: ABNJ Deep-Seas Project

5 February 2020

UPDATE: ABNJ Deep-Seas Project

NAFO has been a committed partner to the ABNJ Deep-Seas Project and has contributed significantly to the initiative by sharing knowledge and experience over the course of the Project. The FAO and UNEP-led ABNJ Deep-Seas Project has during its five years contributed to improve deep-seas fisheries management and biodiversity conservation by developing tools for the application of an ecosystem approach to fisheries management and to protect the unique deep-sea habitats and species.

Journal of Northwest Atlantic Fishery Science, Volume 50

Applications for ECOFISH Expert Positions

22 January 2020

Applications for ECOFISH Expert Positions

International MCS Network

INCATEMA is carrying out the Technical Assistance for the ECOFISH Program (“Contribution of Sustainable Fisheries to the Blue Economy of Eastern Africa, Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean region (EA-SA-IO)”), based in Mauritius.  They are making a pre-selection of candidates for three Non-Key Expert positions to develop short-term missions from April 2020. The positions and the requirements for each are pasted below.  If you are interested in any of these positions, please send your updated CV, adapted to the desired position, as soon as possible to:  Manuel Gómez INCATEMA Tfn.: +34 913 530 520 Fax.: +34 913 530 521

UPDATE: North Pacific Fisheries Commission (NPFC) - Responses to requests

NAFO Conservation and Enforcement Measures 2020

31 December 2019

NAFO Conservation and Enforcement Measures 2020

Serial No. N7028. NAFO/COM Doc. 20-01

Report of the NAFO/ICES Pandalus Assessment Group Meeting, 08 to 13 November 2019

Report of the NAFO Scientific Council Shrimp Meeting, 08-13 November, 2019

20 December 2019

Report of the NAFO Scientific Council Shrimp Meeting, 08-13 November, 2019

Tromsø, Norway, 8-13 November 2019

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None available at this time.

Nomination of Candidates: Executive Secretary for the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

All nominations should include the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae with contact information
(telephone, e-mail) and must be sent to the Secretariat of the United Nations by 13 March 2020.
Nominations may also be sent to:

Download the Terms of References and other details about the position

English, ToR



Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: 

Vacancy Announcements - none available at this time

40th Anniversary Training Programme on

20th May – 17th July 2020 (to be confirmed). 
Application forms can be downloaded from the training section of IOI-Canada’s website ( or requested from: Madeleine Coffen-Smout, Programme Officer ( The deadline for receipt of completed applications is 5th January 2020. Late applicants may be considered if space is available, so please contact IOI-Canada if the deadline has already passed.


Application Form

The individual will gain experience and knowledge in operations of NAFO as an intergovernmental organization while the NAFO Secretariat will benefit through the presence of an additional professional and his/her capacity and knowledge.

Nature of the Internship
Under the supervision of the Executive Secretary, interns will work on project(s) at the Secretariat relevant to their professional interests, scholarship programs and development needs. Interns may be given a wide variety of tasks related to various aspects of:

  • fisheries management
  • fisheries science
  • databases
  • administrative, meeting coordination, publications; and
  • other NAFO activities delegated by the Executive Secretary.

Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2020 programme, however for more information about an upcoming programme, click here.

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