NAFO Working Groups

  • NAFO Joint Commission-Scientific Council Catch Estimation Strategy Advisory Group (CESAG) formerly NAFO Joint Fisheries Commission-Scientific Council Ad Hoc Working Group on Catch Reporting (WG-CR) and NAFO Ad hoc Joint FC-SC Catch Data Advisory Group (CDAG)
  • NAFO Working Group on Improving Efficiency of NAFO Working Group Process (E-WG)
  • NAFO Joint Commission-Scientific Council Working Group on Ecosystem Approach Framework to Fisheries Management (WG-EAFFM)
  • NAFO Joint Commission-Scientific Council Working Group on Risk-Based Management Strategies (WG-RBMS)
  • NAFO Working Group on Bycatch, Discards & Selectivity (WG-BDS)
  • NAFO Working Group on Ecosystem, Science and Assessment (WG-ESA)

A link to the reports can be found here:

Various Joint Working Groups, in cooperation with other RFMOs, specifically:

  • Joint Advisory Group on Data Management (JAGDM)
  • ICES/NAFO Joint Working Group on Deep-water Ecology (WG-DEC)
  • ICES/NAFO/NAMMCO Working Group on Harp and Hooded Seals (WG-HARP)
  • NAFO/ICES Pandalus Assessment Meeting (NIPAG)


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