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NAFO Convention Area (map)

  • Covers a large portion of the Atlantic Ocean, including the 200-mile zones of Coastal States — Canada, Greenland, St. Pierre et Miquelon and USA.
  • NAFO’s Convention area is 6,551,289 km2.
  • NAFO management divisions only apply to the areas straddling, as well as outside the EEZs (Exclusive Economic Zones). Known as NAFO’s Regulatory Area (NRA) — 2,707,895 km2.

NAFO Regulatory Area

Download the high resolution maps in a pdf or vector file:

Download map (300 dpi)

Permission to use the map for non-commercial purposes is permitted as long as credit is used, as indicated below:
©Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization

Contact the NAFO Secretariat if you would like to receive a printed copy of the Convention map  (size: 15.5" x 24"). A shipping fee may apply.

Telephone: Alexis Pacey @ 902-468-5590 ext. 208


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