NAFO manages 19 stocks consisting of  11 species. The fact sheets are in the middle column. The summary information on the NAFO-managed species is in the third column. 

Species  Description (fact sheets included in link) Management Area (Divisions)
Summary Sheets 
Atlantic cod
Gadus morhua
3M, 3L, 3NO
Sebastes spp.
3LN, 3M, 3O,
Subareas 2 and Div. 1F + 3K
American plaice
Hippoglossoides platessoides
 3LNO and 3M
Witch flounder
Glyptocephalus cynoglossus
 Div. 2J3KL and 3NO
Yellowtail flounder
Limanda ferruginea
Greenland halibut
Reinhardtius hippoglossoides
 SA 2 + Div. 3KLMNO
White hake
Urophycis tenuis
3NO and 3Ps
Thorny skate
Amblyraja radiata
 3LNO and Subdiv. 3Ps
Mallotus villosus
Shortfinned squid
Illex illecebrosus
SA 3 and 4
Northern Shrimp
Pandalus spp.
 3LNO and 3M

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