NAFO Scientific Council Documents

The Scientific Council Documents consist of two series.

Scientific Council Research (SCR) documents contain contributions of individual scientists and laboratories on matters relevant to the work of Scientific Council. SCR documents are not formally reviewed.

Scientific Council Summary (SCS) documents contain reports of meetings of the Council, its Committees and Working Groups, national research reports, reports of meetings of other international organizations or matters relevant to the work of NAFO, and all research and statistical reports prepared for meetings by the NAFO Secretariat.

In 2014 a new series of documents was created to accommodate work done in the Fisheries Commission-Scientific Council Working Groups. The series is called FC-SC Documents. On May 18, 2017, the NAFO Conventoin on Coopoeration in the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries came into force. The Fisheries Commission amalgamated with the General Council to form the Commission. As a result, the updated joint working group is called Commission-Scientific Council Documents. The series can be found here: COM-SC

NAFO Scientific Council Documents are published in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. 

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