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Fishing in the NAFO Regulatory Area

The NAFO regulated fishery takes place in the NAFO Regulatory Area, which is defined in the NAFO Convention as that part of the Convention Area which lies beyond the areas in which Costal States exercise fisheries jurisdiction (outside of the Exclusive Economic Zones). The three main fisheries that are regulated in the NAFO Regulatory Area are for groundfish, shrimp and pelagic redfish, however, there is currently a moratorium on the shrimp and pelagic redfish fisheries. The groundfish fishery occurs mainly in NAFO Divisions 3LMNO within the Fishing Footprint and is conducted using mainly bottom trawls. For more specific information on the NAFO Regulated Fisheries, please see the latest Annual Compliance Review. NAFO does not manage sedentary species (e.g. shellfish) and species managed by other fishery bodies, i.e. salmon (NASCO) and tunas/marlins (ICCAT).

Latest Stock Advice

Regulations for conducting fisheries in the NAFO Regulatory Area are outlined in the NAFO Conservation and Enforcement Measures, and include:
  • Catch and effort limitations
  • Bycatch measures
  • Recovery and rebuilding plans
  • Conservation and management of sharks
  • Vessel and gear requirements
  • Protection of vulnerable marine ecosystems (VMEs)
  • Fisheries monitoring

Regulatory Area Map

The scientific and statistical subareas, divisions and subdivisions are outlined in Annex I of the NAFO Convention. 

Click here to access the shapefile

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