General Council

The General Council (GC) is responsible to supervise and coordinate the organizational, administrative, financial and other internal affairs of the Organization, including the relations among its constituent bodies and external relations of the Organization. It also reviews the membership of the Fisheries Commission and any other authority conferred upon it by the NAFO Convention. Each Contracting Party is a member and appoints to the Council up to three representatives.

The chairperson of General Council also serves as President for NAFO.

Chair: Stéphane Artano (France in respect of St. Pierre et Miquelon)
Vice-Chair: Sylvie Lapointe (Canada)

As of September 2006, 

General Council has one Standing Committee:


STACFAD = Standing Committee on Finance and Administration

STACFAD advises the General Council on:

  • matters relating to the Secretariat;
  • the budget of the Organization;
  • the time and place of meetings of the Organization; and
  • publications of the Organization.

STACFAD consists of representatives from at least five Contracting Parties. These representatives are assisted by experts and advisers. 

Chair: Deirdre Warner-Kramer (USA)
Vice-Chair: Elise Lavigne (Canada)

Head of Delegation, September 2016



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