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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

2013 Scientific Council Summary (SCS) Documents


Doc No.



SCS 13/01   FC Request for Advice
SCS 13/02   Report of the Scientific Council Meeting, 19 March
SCS 13/03   Greenland Request for Advice
SCS 13/04   Canadian Request for Advice
SCS 13/05 J. Vargas, R. Alpoim,
E. Santos and A. M. Ávila de Melo 
Portuguese Research Report for 2012
SCS 13/06 Odd Aksel Bergstad Report to the NAFO Scientific Council - ICES/NAFO Joint Working Group on Deep-water Ecology (WGDEC)
SCS 13/07 F. González-Costas,
D. González-Troncoso,
G. Ramilo, E. Román,
J. Lorenzo, M. Casas,
C. Gonzalez, A. Vázquez, and M. Sacau
Spanish Research Report for 2012
SCS 13/08 Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Denmark/Greenland Research Report for 2012
SCS 13/09 M. Pochtar, K. Fomin, V. Zabavnikov Russian Research Report for 2012
SCS 13/10 K.A. Sosebee United States Research Report for 2012
SCS 13/11 NAFO Secretariat Biological Sampling for 2012
SCS 13/12 NAFO Secretariat Reported Tagging in the NW ATlantic 2012
SCS 13/13 D. Richards et al. Canadian Research Report for 2012
SCS 13/14 H. O. Fock and A. Akimova German Research Report for 2012
SCS 13/15 S.Sirp & T.Tõrra Estonian Research Report for 2012
SCS 13/16 E. Colbourne, D. Hebert,
G. Maillet and C. Hvingel
Environmental Impacts – NAFO Advisory Sheets 
SCS 13/17   Report of the SC June Meeting, 7-20 June 2013
SCS 13/18 NAFO Secretariat Available Data from the Commercial Fisheries Related to Stock Assessment (2012) and Inventory of Biological Surveys
SCS 13/19   Report of the NAFO/ICES Pandalus Assessment Group (NIPAG), 12–19 September 2013
SCS 13/20   Report of the Scientific Council, 12-19 September 2013
SCS 13/21   Report of the Scientific Council, 23-27 September 2013
SCS 13/22 T. Reilly and N. Campbell NAFO Tools
SCS 13/23 NAFO Secretariat A Compilation of Research Vessel Surveys on a Stock-by-stock Basis
SCS 13/24
Rev. 2
  Report of the WGESA, November 2014 (8 MB)

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