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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

ICNAF Symposia

Symposia became the primary forum for exchange of ideas related to the science and management of fish and reflect the innovations in fishery science attributable to the ICNAF scientific community. The leading scientists in the field of fishery research from both North America and Europe became involved in ICNAF making their work cutting edge.

List of Symposia Titles

ICES/FAO/ICNAF/IABO/SCOR Symposium on the Early Life History of Fish (Woods Hole, USA, 3 April 1979)

ICES/FAO/ICNAF Symposium on the Biological Basis of Pelagic Fish Stock Management (Aberdeen, Scotland 3-7 July 1978)

Special Session on the Theory and Application of Sampling Systems and Statistical Data Analysis in Fisheries Science held in conjunction with the October 1978 meeting of ICES and co-chaired by the Chairmen of the ICES Statistics Committee and of the ICNAF Standing Committee on Research and Statistics.

ICNAF Symposium on Environmental Conditions in the Newfoundland Grand Banks Area, 1972 and their Effects on Fishery Trends (May 1974)

ICES/ICNAF/IBP Symposium on the Biology of the Seal, Guelph, August 1972  Symposium On the Biology of the Seal (14-17 August 1972, University of Guelph (with support from NRC, FAO, CNSS, FRB and WWF))

International Atlantic Salmon Symposium (19-23 September 1972, St. Andrews

ICES/FAO/ICNAF Symposium on Acoustic Methods in Fisheries Research (Bergen, Norway 19-22 June 1973)

Symposium on the Early Life History of Fish, Oban, Scotland, 1973, prepared jointly by IABO, FAO, ICES and ICNAF respectively.

Symposium on Environmental Conditions in the Northwest Atlantic, 1960-1969 (18-19 May 1971, at BIO convened by Dr N. J. Campbell)

Symposium on Fish Stocks and Recruitment, July 1970 (jointly convened by ICES, ICNAF and FAO) (7-10 July 1970, Aarhus, Denmark)

A Symposium on Physical Variability of the North Atlantic under the joint auspices of ICES/ICNAF/IAPSO/SCOR/IOC preceded the 57th Statutory Meeting of ICES, 25-27 September 1969, Dublin.

ICES/FAO/ICNAF/UNESCO/IBP Marine Food Chains Symposium (23-26 July 1968, Aarhus, Denmark)

ICNAF Environmental Symposium held at FAO, Rome, 27 January-1 February 1964 under the Chairmanship of Dr C. E. Lucas

Commission-sponsored North Atlantic Fish Marking Symposium held at Woods Hole, Mass. USA, 24-27 May 1961, under the Chairmanship of Mr R. J. H. Beverton

ICES/ICNAF Redfish Symposium held at Charlottenlund, Denmark, 12-16 October, 1959

Joint ICNAF/ICES/FAO Special Scientific Meeting on Fishing Effort, the Effect of Fishing on Resources and the Selectivity of Fishing Gear, held in Lisbon, 1957

Workshop on Population Dynamics and on the Selectivity of Fishing Units in 1957

Symposium on Cod Biology held during the meeting of the Statistics and Sampling Committee in 1956 with Mr. Rollefsen as convener

Symposium on "Some Problems for Biological Fishery Survey and Techniques for their Solution" held at Biarritz, France, March 1-10, 1956

Symposium on redfish biology oprganized by the Committee on Research and Statistics at the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Commission (1955)

Symposium on Long-Term Changes in Hydrographic Conditions and corresponding Changes in the Abundance of Fish Stocks in the Northwest Atlantic (1953)


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