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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

NAFO SC Studies No. 6 (1983)

Author Title size (kb)
I-Hsun Ni and W. D. McKone Distribution and Concentration of Redfishes in Newfoundland and Labrador Waters 1448 kb
Stefan K. Grimm Changes in Time and Location of Herring, Clupea harengus L., Spawning Relative to Bottom Temperature in the Georges Bank and Nantucket Shoals Areas, 1971- 77 1066 kb
L. K. Albikovskaya Feeding Characteristics of Wolffishes in the Labrador-Newfoundland Region 525 kb
R. W. Trites Physical Oceanographic Features and Processes Relevant to Illex illecebrosus Spawning in the Western North Atlantic and Subsequent Larval Distribution 984 kb
Wilfred Templeman Stock Discrimination in Marine Fishes 1167 kb
Carl J. Sindermann Parasites as Natural Tags for Marine Fish: a Review 1570 kb
L. M. Dickie Genetic Structure of Mussel Populations in Eastern Canadian Waters 1024 kb
J. Frechette and D. G. Parsons Report of Shrimp Ageing Workshop Held at Ste. Foy, Quebec, in May and at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, in November 1981 1414 kb
  Front pages 422 kb
  Back pages 507 kb
Categories: SC Studies

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