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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

NAFO SC Studies No. 7 (1984)

Miscellaneous Selected Papers

size (kb)
R. W. Trites and K. F. Drinkwater Overview of Environmental Conditions in the Northwest Atlantic in 1982 1481 kb
B. P. Kudlo, V. A. Borovkov and N. G. Sapronetskaya Water Circulation Patterns on Flemish Cap from Observations in 1977-82 583 kb
Erik Buch Variations in Temperature and Salinity of West Greenland Waters, 1970-82 817 kb
P. I. Savvatimsky Biological Aspects of Roughhead Grenadier (Macrourus berglax) from Longline Catches in the Eastern Grand Bank Area, 1982 1068 kb
A. V. Gushchin and S. G. Podrazhanskaya Feeding of Roundnose Grenadier
(Coryphaenoides rupestris) and its Trophic Relationships in the North Atlantic
457 kb
M. L. Coelho and A. A. Rosenberg Causal Analysis of Some Biological Data for Illex illecebrosus from the Scotian Shelf 1022 kb
Yu. M. Froerman Feeding Spectrum and Trophic Relationships of Short-finned Squid (Illex illecebrosus) in the Northwest Atlantic 599 kb
E. G. Dawe, M. C. Mercer and W. Threlfall On the Stock Identity of Short-finned Squid (Illex illcebrosus) in the Northwest Atlantic 1555kb
V. I. Vinogradov Food of Silver Hake, Red Hake and Other Fishes of Georges Bank and Adjacent Waters, 1968-74 538 kb
  Front pages 683 kb
  Back pages 516 kb

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