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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

Redbook 1962

Part I. Proceedings of STACRES
(Issued Oct 1962) (5298 kb)
ICNAF Report of Standing Committee on Research and Statistics, 1962 Annual Meeting (with 9 Appendices)
Part II. Research Reports
(Issued Nov 1962) (4353 kb)
TEMPLEMAN, W., W.R. MARTIN, L.M. LAUZIER, and A. MARCOTTE Canadian research report, 1961
HANSEN. P.M., F. HERMANN. and J.S. JOENSEN Danish research report, 1961
ANCELLIN, J. and C. ALLAIN French research report, 1961
MEYER, A., J. MESSTORFF, and H. BOHL Federal Republic of Germany research report, 1961
JONSSON. J. and J. MAGNUSSON Icelandic research report, 1961
MATTA. F. Italian research report, 1961
BRATBERG. E. Norwegian research report. 1961
ELWERTOWSKI. J. Polish research report, 1961
QUARTIN, G. V. Portuguese research report, 1961
RODRIGUEZ-MARTIN. 0.. A. FIGUERAS, and J. L. ARAMBARRI. Spanish research report, 1961
PECHENIK, L.N. and A.S. NOSKOV USSR research report, 1961
LUCAS, C.E., and R.J.H. BEVERTON. United Kingdom research report, 1961
GRAHAM, H.W. United States research report, 1961
Part III. Selected Papers
(Issued Dec 1962) (5798 kb)
BURMAKIN. V.V . and I.I. SVETLOV Hydrological conditions in Subarea 1, 1961
BUZDALIN. Y.I and A.A. ELIZAROV Hydrological conditions in Subareas 2 and 3, 1961
ISTOSHINA, M.A. Distribution of dissolved oxygen in the water masses in the Newfoundland area
KLlMENKOV, A.A., and V.I. PAKHORUKOV Hydrological conditions in Subarea 5
BAINBRIDGE, V., and L.T. JONES The distribution of plankton off Newfoundland
HENDERSON, G.T.D. and L.T. JONES The distribution of young redfish in 1961
GLOVER, R.S. Preliminary notes on sampling between St. John's, Newfoundland and Boston, Mass.
PAVSHTIKS, E.A., T.N. SEMJONOVA, and S.S. DROBISHEVA Plankton investigations carried out by the PINRO in the ICNAF Area during 1960 and 1961
NEVINSKY. M.M. Preliminary estimation of young cod, haddock and redfish found in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean
BULATOVA, A.Y. Some data on distribution of young cod and haddock of Labrador and Newfoundland
TEMPLEMAN, W. Divisions of cod stocks in the Northwest Atlantic
GROSSLEIN. M.D. Haddock stocks in the ICNAF Convention Area
YANULOV, K.P. Feeding habits of "beaked" redfish (Sebastes mentella Trevin) in the Newfoundland-Labrador area
MAY, A.W., and V.M. HODDER Comparisons of ICNAF and Westhoff gauges under field conditions
SANDEMAN, E. J. and A.W. MAY Comparative effects of gauge pressure on mesh size measurements of manila nets
FAO Fisheries Division Collaboration between FAO and ICNAF 1961/62
ICNAF Secretariat List of papers pertinent to ICNAF, 1961

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