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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

Research Bulletin No. 11

(Issued Nov 1975)

Research Bulletin No. 11

(Issued Nov 1975) (4830 kb)
PARSONS, L.S., and D.G. PARSONS An Evaluation of the Status of ICNAF Divisions 3P, 3O and 3LN Redfish
POPE, J.G., and D.J. GARROD Sources of Error in Catch and Effort Quota Regulations with Particular Reference to Variations in the Catchability Coefficient
PINHORN, A.T. Estimates of Natural Mortality for the Cod Stock Complex in ICNAF Divisions 2J, 3K and 3L


Sexual Maturity and Reproductive Performance of Female Hooded Seals at Newfoundland
WINTERS, G. H., and V. M. HODDER Analysis of the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence Herring Stock and Implications Concerning its Future Management
ROBINSON, G.A., J.M. COLEBROOK, and G.A. COOPER The Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey: Plankton in the ICNAF Area, 1961 -71, with Special Reference to 1971
PARSONS, L. S. Morphometric Variation in Atlantic Herring from Newfoundland and Adjacent Waters
KAPEL, FINN. O. Age Analyses and Catch of the Harp Seal in Northwest Greenland, 1953-72
PINHORN, A.T., and R. WELLS Virtual Population Assessment of the Southern Grand Bank Cod Stock (ICNAF Divisions 3N and 3O)
EVSEENKO, S.A., and M.M. NEVINSKY Spawning and Development of Witch Flounder, Glyptocephalus cynoglossus L., in the Northwest Atlantic
PITT, T. Status of the Yellowtail Flounder Fishery in ICNAF Divisions 3L, 3N and 3O
ØRITSLAND, TORGER, and TERJE BENJAMINSEN Sex Ratio Age Composition and Mortality of Hooded Seals at Newfoundland
PARSONS, L.S., and V.M. HODDER Biological Characteristics of Southwest Newfoundland Herring, 1965-71

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