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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

Research Bulletin No. 12

(Issued Oct 1976)

Research Bulletin No. 12

(Issued Oct 1976) (4608 kb)

ANDERSON, E. D. Measures of Abundance of Atlantic Mackerel off the Northeastern Coast of the United States
PITT, T. K. Food of Yellowtail Flounder on the Grand Bank and a Comparison with American plaice
PENTTILA, J. A., and V. M. GIFFORD Growth and Mortality Rates for Cod from the Georges Bank and Gulf of Maine Areas
PARSONS, L. S., A. T. PINHORN, and D. G. PARSONS. An Evaluation of the Northern Newfoundland-Labrador and Flemish Cap Redfish Fisheries
BROWN, B. E., J. A. BRENNAN, M. D. GROSSLEIN, E. G. HEYERDAHL, and R. C. HENNEMUTH The Effect of Fishing on the Marine Finfish Biomass in the Northwest Atlantic from the Gulf of Maine to Cape Hatteras
DOUBLEDAY, W. G. A Least Squares Approach to Analysing Catch at Age Data
FUKUDA, YOSHIO A Note on Yield Allocation in Multi-Species Fisheries
Review Papers
TEMPLEMAN, WILFRED Biological and Oceanographic Background of Flemish Cap as an Area for Research on the Reasons for Year-Class Success and Failure in Cod and Redfish
BUMPUS, DEAN F. Review of the Physical Oceanography of Georges Bank
BOWERING, W. R. Length-Weight Relationships in Witch Flounder, Glyptocephalus cynoglossus, in the Newfoundland Area

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