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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

Research Bulletin No. 2

(Issued 1965)

Research Bulletin No. 2

(Issued 1965) (3173 kb)
JENSEN, Albert C. A Standard Terminology and Notation for Otolith Readers
HODDER, V. M., and A. W. MAY Otter-Trawl Selectivity and Girth-Length Relationships for Cod in ICNAF Subarea 2
MAY, A. W. The Validity of Otolith Ages of Southern Grand Bank Cod
PINHORN, A. T., and A. M. FLEMING A Comparison of Stratified Sampling Methods for Age and Growth Studies in the Newfoundland Inshore Cod Fishery
HODDER, V. M. Trends in the Cod Fishery Off the East Coast of Newfoundland and Labrador
LEE, Arthur J., Dean F. BUMPUS and Louis M. LAUZIER The Sea-Bed Drifter
DICKIE, L. M., and J. E. PALOHEIMO Heterogeneity Among Samples of the Length and Age Compositions of Commercial Groundfish Landings
VLADIMIRSKAYA, E. V. Quantitative Distribution and the Seasonal Dynamics of Zooplankton in the Newfoundland Area
BEVERTON, R. J. H. Catch /Effort Assessment in Some ICNAF Fisheries
HOLT, S. J. A Note on the Relation Between the Mortality Rate and the Duration of Life in an Exploited Fish Population
HENNEMUTH, R. C. Homogeneity of Age-Length Frequencies Among Months and Quarters of the Year for Haddock Caught on Georges Bank, 1962
MEYER, Arno Sawing of Otoliths as Mechanical Aid for Otolith Reading
DICKIE, L. M. Difficulties in Interpreting Trends in Cod and Haddock Landings from the Eastern Scotian Shelf



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