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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

Selected Papers No. 1

(Issued February 1976)

Selected Papers No. 1

(Issued February 1976) (3585 kb)
HALLIDAY, R.G. Eastern Scotian Shelf Cod; A Reconstruction of Possible Events in the Fishery in 1958 to 1974 and a Re-Estimation of Potential Yield
PARSONS, L.S. and D.G. PARSONS Effects of Diurnal Variation in Availability upon Estimation of Redfish Numbers and Biomass from Stratified-Random Bottom Trawl Surveys
MAYO, R.K., and D.S. MILLER A Preliminary Assessment of the Redfish, Sebastes Marinus (L.) in ICNAF Divisions 4VWX
DOUBLEDAY, W.G. and R.G. HALLIDAY An Analysis of the Silver Hake Fishery on the Scotian Shelf
CHANG, S. and A.L. PACHECO An Evaluation of the Summer Flounder Population in Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6
PARSONS, L.S. Distribution and Relative Abundance of Roundnose, Roughhead and Common Grenadiers in the Northwest Atlantic
COHEN, Edward B. An Overview of the Plankton Communities of the Gulf of Maine
PINHORN, A.T. Catch and Effort Relationships of the Groundfish Resource in ICNAF Subareas 2 and 3
HALLIDAY, R.G. and W.G. DOUBLEDAY Catch and Effort Trends for the Finfish Resources of the Scotian Shelf and Estimates of the Maximum Sustainable Yield of Groundfish (Except Silver Hake)
WALTER, G.G. Non-equilibrium Regulation of Fisheries
DOUBLEDAY, W.G. Environmental Fluctuations and Fisheries Management
HORWOOD, J.W. Interactive Fisheries: A Two Species Schaefer Model
POPE, J.G. The Effect of Biological Interactions on the Theory of Mixed Fisheries
POPE, J.G. The Application of Mixed Fisheries Theory to the Cod and Redfish Stocks of Subarea 2 and Division 3K
LETT, P. F., and W.G. DOUBLEDAY The Influence of Fluctuations in Recruitment on Fisheries Management Strategy, with Special Reference to Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence Cod

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