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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

STATISTICAL BULLETIN VOL 48 for the year 1998

30 November 2001

STATISTICAL BULLETIN VOL 48 for the year 1998

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This issue of the NAFO Statistical Bulletin is set out with three parts: Part I contains summaries of catches of
selected species items by Country and Subarea for 1984-98; Part II contains the statistics ofnommal catches and fishing
effort for 1998; and Part ill contains the seal catches and hunting effort for 1998. In tables where various groups of
species items are used, they are in accordance with those listed in the "Definitions and Abbreviations". Further details of
the tabular presentation of data are given in the text at the beginning of each Part.

The Secretariat is pleased to acknowledge the efforts and assistance of the officers of statistical agencies of countries
contributing data as well as the national representatives who assisted in obtaining the data for this publication. In
addition, the guidance of the Scientific Council and the cooperation of Coordinating Working Party on Fishery Statistics
(CWP) have been invaluable.

The delayed publication of this issue was due to delays in submission of some final statistics. It is noted the
Scientific Council at its meeting in June 2001 agreed to proceed with this publication although the absence of complete
data from USA makes some tabulations incomplete.

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