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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

Annual Report 2007

Annual Report 2007 29 February 2008

Annual Report 2007

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2007 Fisheries Commission Documents

2007 Scientific Council Research (SCR) Documents

2007 Scientific Council Summary (SCS) Documents

Reproductive and Recruitment Processes of Exploited Marine Fish Stocks (2007)

31 October 2007

Reproductive and Recruitment Processes of Exploited Marine Fish Stocks (2007)

1–3 October 2007, Lisbon, Portugal

The Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO), the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES), and the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), announce a joint symposium on "Reproductive and Recruitment Processes of Exploited Marine Fish Stocks", to be held on 1-3 October 2007, at the Altis Hotel, in Lisbon, Portugal.

The symposium will provide a scientific forum to present and discuss study findings on reproduction, early life history and recruitment of exploited marine finfish and invertebrate stocks. Continued low abundance and low recruitment of many stocks necessitates a broad examination of key biological processes underlying potential stock recovery.

2007 Press Release

28 September 2007

2007 Press Release

29th Annual Meeting of NAFO, 24-28 September, 2007, Lisbon, Portugal

NAFO Celebrates a Modern Convention


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