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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

NAFO SC Studies No. 45 (2013)

30 November 2013

NAFO SC Studies No. 45 (2013)

Stock-by-Stock Research Vessel Surveys Reported During 2001–2010

NAFO Secretariat

NAFO SC Studies No. 44 (2012)

30 November 2012

NAFO SC Studies No. 44 (2012)

Report of the Workshop on Implementation of Stock Reproductive Potential into Assessment and Management Advice for Harvested Marine Species

M. J. Morgan, C. T. Marshall, L. O'Brien, I. Mosqueira and S. Cerviño

NAFO SC Studies No. 18 (1993)

31 July 1993

NAFO SC Studies No. 18 (1993)

Symposium on Changes in Abundance and Biology of Cod Stocks and Their Possible Causes, 4–6 September 1991

During 4–6 September 1991, the Scientific Council held a Symposium on "Changes in Abundance and Biology of Cod Stocks and Their Possible Causes", with H. Hovgård (Denmark, in respect of the Faroe Islands and Greenland) as convener. At its meeting in September 1989, the Scientific Council initially agreed to host the 1991 Special Session on Atlantic Cod, and was pleased to welcome R. (Dick) Wells, the well-known Canadian expert on gadoid biology and fishery management science, to convene a Symposium. With the sad, untimely death of Dick Wells in December 1989, the Council was pleased Hovgård agreed to convene the session, and new ideas on the theme and specific topics were considered. The Council decided to dedicate the Symposium in memory of Dick Wells.

Interest in the contributions to the Symposium resulted in the Scientific Council recommendation that papers presented should be published in full or as extended abstracts in a special issue of, with H. Hovgård and T. Amaratunga undertaking the editorial review of the papers.

NAFO SC Studies No. 2 (1981)

31 December 1981

NAFO SC Studies No. 2 (1981)

Manual on Groundfish Surveys in the Northwest Atlantic

W. G. Doubleday, Editor

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