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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

NAFO SC Studies No. 29 (1997)

30 December 1997

NAFO SC Studies No. 29 (1997)

Selected Studies Related to Assessment of Cod in NAFO Divisions 2J+3KL

At its meeting during 5–19 June 1996, the Standing Committee on Publications (STACPUB) noted that the extensive scientific review of the Cod Stock in NAFO Div. 2J and 3KL conducted by the Scientific Council consisted of a group of papers suitable for a single publication of NAFO Scientific Council Studies. At its meeting during 7–13 September 1996, STACPUB invited J. Morgan, Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Centre, Newfoundland, Canada, to undertake the coordination of the papers for this publication.

NAFO SC Studies No. 21 (1994)

31 January 1994

NAFO SC Studies No. 21 (1994)

Collection of Papers Related to Northern Cod and Seals in NAFO Divisions 2J and 3KL, Papers from June 1993

At its meeting during 2–16 June 1993, the Scientific Council noted that a complete scientific review of results from the Northern Cod Science Program of Canada was scheduled for late-1994, and the coordinator of the Program, J. S. Campbell, should be invited to consider a NAFO publication for a collection of papers. The Council noted a group of papers dealing with Northern Cod presented at its June 1993 meeting appeared suitable for a single publication. At its meeting during 7–10 September 1993, the Council expressed its appreciation to J. S. Campbell for accepting this task, and the Secretariat undertook to complete the publication by the end of 1994.

NAFO SC Studies No. 2 (1981)

31 December 1981

NAFO SC Studies No. 2 (1981)

Manual on Groundfish Surveys in the Northwest Atlantic

W. G. Doubleday, Editor

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