Scientific Council Research Documents (SCR)

2019 Scientific Council Research (SCR) documents

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SCR Doc.19/001

N6903 González-Costas, F., D. González-Troncoso, C. Fernández, A. Urtizberea, R. Alpoim, A. Avila de Melo, J. De Oliveira, P. Apostolaki, T. Brunel, D. García

Potential Operating Models, Harvest Control Rules and Performance Statistics for the NAFO 3M Cod MSE (2.1 MB)

SCR Doc.19/002 N6904 Diana González-Troncoso and Antonio Ávila de Melo 3M cod MSE: Different OMs based on M calculated in steps (1.9 MB)
SCR Doc.19/003 N6905 Thomas Brunel Investigation of a growth model incorporating density-dependence for the Cod 3M management plan simulations (321 kb)
SCR Doc.19/004 N6906 González-Troncoso, D., González-Costas, F. and Fernández, C. Estimation of the reference points for the different OMs in the Cod 3M MSE (3 MB)
SCR Doc.19/005 N6907 Carmen Fernández, Diana González-Troncoso, Fernando González-Costas, Thomas Brunel, Ricardo Alpoim, Antonio Ávila, Jose de Oliveria, Agurtzane Urtizberea and Panayiota Apostolaki 3M cod MSE: survey indices in the projection years (2.5 MB)
SCR Doc. 19/006 N6908 González-Troncoso, D. Specifications of the OMs and the projections for the 3M cod MSE
SCR Doc. 19/007 N6913 John Mortensen Report on hydrographic conditions off Southwest Greenland June/July 2018 (334 kb)

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