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ICNAF Annual Proceedings - Annual Report

The ICNAF Annual Report, formerly called Annual Proceedings, was issued annually and normally contained (a) the administrative report for the fiscal year (1 July to 30 June), (b) the reports of Commission meetings held during the fiscal year, and (c) summaries of research and status of fisheries for the preceding calendar year. Up to Vol. 11, the Annual Proceedings also contained research reports, which were subsequently transferred to Redbook Part II, and selected papers from the annual meetings, which were transferred to Research Bulletin or Redbook Part III, depending on the quality of the papers. In addition to the regular issue of Vol. 11 for the year 1960/61, a special supplement to Vol. 11 was issued in 1962, containing the "Report of the Working Group of Scientists on Fishery Assessment in Relation to Regulation Problems"

After Vol. 11, the Annual Proceedings was relegated to the role of presenting the reports noted in (a) to (c) above, except that Vol. 15 contains a special report entitled "Review of Possible Conservation Action for the ICNAF Area", and Vol. 17 contains the "Report of the Working Group on Joint Biological and Economic Assessment of Conservation Actions". Commencing with Vol. 23, this publication was renamed Annual Report.

Volumes 1 to 29

31 Dec 1958

Vol. 8

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