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Redbook (1958-1979)

The ICNAF Redbook series commenced in 1958 for the purpose of documenting the reports of the Commission's Standing Committee on Research and Statistics (STACRES) in a form appropriate for distribution to scientists and others engaged in the activities of the Commission. The first issue was entitled "Selected Reports of the Standing Committee on Research and Statistics for the 1958 and 1956 Annual Meetings", and the issues of 1959 to 1961 were similarly named. These reports were bound with red covers and by 1962 they became known as "Redbook", the name which was assigned to the series for subsequent issues. In addition to the STACRES reports, the issues of 1959 to 1961 contain a number of papers selected from documents presented to the annual meetings of these years. 

In 1962 and subsequently up to 1973, the Redbook was issued annually in three parts: Part I contains the reports of STACRES, its Subcommittees and Working Groups; Part II contains national research reports and Part III contains selected papers from the annual meetings. In 1967, a special volume of Redbook, namely Part IV, was issued, containing selected papers from a special meeting of the Environmental Subcommittee in May 1967 on "Fluctuations in Sea and Air Temperatures in the ICNAF Area since 1950". 

At the 1974 Annual Meeting, STACRES recommended that the publication of Part II and Part III of Redbook be discontinued, noting (a) that the national research reports which formerly appeared in Part II receive adequate circulation as Summary Documents, and (b) that selected papers which formerly appeared in Part III should be submitted to the Research Bulletin, depending on their quality and content. In 1975, the Selected Papers series was established to accomodate papers similar in quality to those published previously in Redbook Part III. In 1974 and subsequently, Redbook was issued as a single volume, containing the reports of STACRES meetings only.


30 Nov 1969

Redbook 1969

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Part I. Proceedings of STACRES
(Issued Sep 1969) (1700 kb)
ICNAF Report of Standing Committee on Research and Statistics, 1968 Annual Meeting (with 4 Appendices)
Part II. Research Reports
(Issued Nov 1969) (3360 kb)
TEMPLEMAN, W. and F. D. McCRACKEN Canadian research report, 1968
SMIDT. E. Danish research report, 1968
MEYER, A., J. MESSTORFF. and K. SCHUBERT Federal Republic of Germany research report, 1968
JONSSON, J. Icelandic research report, 1968
BRATBERG. E. and J. BLINDHEIM Norwegian research report, 1968
CHRZAN, F. Polish research report, 1968
LIMA-DIAS, M. Portuguese research report, 1968
NICULESCU-DUVAZ, M. Romanian research report, 1968
ANON. Spanish research report, 1968
KONSTANTINOV, K.G., and A.S. NOSKOV USSR research report, 1968
GARROD. D.J. and B.B. PARRISH United Kingdom research report. 1968
GRAHAM, H. W. United States research report. 1968
Part III. Selected Papers
(Issued Nov 1969) (3235 kb)
STANEK. E. Observations on the stock of cod off Labrador (Div. 2J) and Newfoundland (Div. 3K) in the years 1963-1968
HORSTED, Sv. Aa. On the possibility of assessing stock size and catch quota for Subarea 1 cod
HORSTED, Sv. Aa., and D.J. GARROD A yield per recruit function for Subarea 1 cod
CHRZAN. F. and B. DRAGANIK Results of studies on herring from the region off Nova Scotia. Georges Bank and Statistical Subarea 6
PERKINS. F.E. and V.C. ANTHONY A note on the fecundity of herring (Clupea harengus L.) from Georges Bank. the Gulf of Maine and Nova Scotia
TEMPLEMAN, W. Temperatures and salinities at Station 27 and in the St. John's-Flemish Cap Section in 1968
SIGAEV. I.K. Annual variations in water temperature in the shelf area of Georges Bank and Nova Scotia in 1962-68
HERMANN, F. Danish hydrographic investigations in West Greenland waters, 1968
BURMAKIN, V.V. Hydrological conditions in the Labrador and Newfoundland areas, 1968
ELSON. P.F. Utilization of three stocks of Atlantic salmon tagged and liberated as smelts in the Miramichi River from 1964 to 1967
HALLIDAY. R.G. and B. ROSCOE The effects of icing and freezing on the length and weight of groundfish species
PINHORN. A.T. Cod length conversion factors for Flemish Cap (ICNAF Division 3M)
WELLS, R. Fork length-head girth relationships for Grand Bank and St. Pierre Bank haddock
SREEDHARAN. A. Age-length key studies
HOLDEN, M.J. Selectivity experiments on the Grand Bank of Newfoundland in 1967
ICNAF Secretariat (B.J. KOWALEWSKI) Summary of statistics on discards, 1967
CWP Secretary (L.P.D. GERTENBACH) Northwest Atlantic Statistical Area: FAO Area 21
RIKHTER, V.A., and V.I. VINOGRADOV Results of a trawl survey carried out on the Scotian Shelf and Georges Bank in July-August 1968
LUX. F.E., V.A. RIKHTER, and M.D. GROSSLEIN USA-USSR otter trawl survey, autumn 1968

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