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The ICNAF Research Bulletin, first issued in 1964 and published annually, was established to provide a means of publishing the results of individual research relevant to the ICNAF Area. Although the majority of its material is selected from papers which appear in the first instance as research documents presented to annual meetings of the Commission's Standing Committee on Research and Statistics, other papers were occasionally accepted for publication if their contents were considered relevant to the work of the Commission. In order to maintain a high standard of publication, each contribution was subjected to the scrutiny of one or more referees selected from a list of scientists directly engaged in the work of the Commission.


30 Jun 1978

Research Bulletin No. 13

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Research Bulletin No. 13

(Issued Jun 1978) (3401 kb)

BOWERING, W. R. Age and Growth of the Greenland Halibut, Reinhardtius Hippoglossoides (Walbaum), in ICNAF Subareas 2-4
MINET, J. P., and J. B. PERODOU Predation of Cod, Gadus morhua, on Capelin, Mallotus villosus, off Eastern Newfoundland and in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
WINTERS, G. H., and J. E. CARSCADDEN Review of Capelin Ecology and Estimation of Surplus Yield from Predator Dynamics
TEMPLEMAN, Wilfred, V. M. HODDER, and R. WELLS Age, Growth, Year-Class Strength, and Mortality of the Haddock, Melanogrammus Aeglefinus, on the Southern Grand Bank and Their Relation to the Haddock Fishery of this Area
TEMPLEMAN, Wilfred, V. M. HODDER, and R. WELLS Sexual Maturity and Spawning in Haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus, of the Southern Grand Bank
WINTERS, G. H., and J. S. BECKETT Migrations, Biomass and Stock Interrelationships of Southwest Newfoundland-Southern Gulf Herring from Mark-Recapture Experiments
SISSENWINE, M. P., and E. W. BOWMAN An Analysis of Some - Factors Affecting the Catchability of Fish by Bottom Trawls

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