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ICNAF Research Bulletin

The ICNAF Research Bulletin, first issued in 1964 and published annually, was established to provide a means of publishing the results of individual research relevant to the ICNAF Area. Although the majority of its material is selected from papers which appear in the first instance as research documents presented to annual meetings of the Commission's Standing Committee on Research and Statistics, other papers were occasionally accepted for publication if their contents were considered relevant to the work of the Commission. In order to maintain a high standard of publication, each contribution was subjected to the scrutiny of one or more referees selected from a list of scientists directly engaged in the work of the Commission.


31 Dec 1972

Research Bulletin No. 9

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Research Bulletin No. 9

(Issued 1972) (3689 kb)

PARSONS, L. S. Use of Meristic Characters and a Discriminant Function for Classifying Spring and
Autumn-Spawning Atlantic Herring
CARROTHERS, P. J. G., and T. J. FOULKES Measured Towing Characteristics of Canadian East Coast Otter Trawl
BARINOV, A. A., and V. A. BRYANTSEV A Volumetric Statistical T-S Analysis of the Nova Scotia Shelf and Georges Bank Water Masses
LEAR, W. H. Food and Feeding of Atlantic Salmon in Coastal Areas and Over Oceanic Depths
VINOGRADOV, V. J. Studies of the Food Habits of Silver and Red Hake in the Northwest Atlantic Area, 1965-67
HALLIDAY, R. G. The Fishery on the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence Cod Stock, 1960-70
POPE, J. G. An Investigation of the Accuracy of Virtual Population Analysis Using Cohort Analysis
PINHORN, A. T. Virtual Population Assessment of St.Pierre Bank-Newfoundland South Coast Cod Stock (ICNAF Subdivision 3Ps)
COLTON, JOHN B., Jr. Short-Term Variations in Estimates of Chlorophyll Abundance
OLDHAM, W. S. Biology of Scotian Shelf Cusk, Brosme brosme
HODDER, V. M. The Fecundity of Herring in Some Parts of the Newfoundland Area
ZUKOWSKI, C. Growth and Mortality of Atlantic Argentine, Argentina silus Ascanius, on the Nova Scotia Banks
HALLIDAY, R. G. A Yield Assessment of the Eastern Scotian Shelf Cod Stock Complex

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