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ICNAF - Special Publications

These publications were issued at irregular intervals and contain the results of special ICNAF projects and contributions to symposia and special meetings, some of which were sponsored jointly by ICNAF, ICES and FAO. All were published by ICNAF, except No.2, entitled "Proceedings of the Joint Scientific Meeting of ICNAF, ICES and FAO on Fishing Effort, the Effect of Fishing on the Resources, and the Selectivity of Fishing Gear-Reports", which was printed by FAO. The contributed papers to that meeting on the selectivity of fishing gear were subsequently published as Special Publication No.5.

Number 7 of this series, containing the results of the ICNAF Environmental Surveys carried out in 1963, was issued in 4 parts, namely Text, Atlas, Oceanographic Data Record (3 volumes), and Biological Data Record. Number 11 in the series, issued in 1975, is entitled "Index and List of Titles, ICNAF Publications, 1950-1974". This issue was subsequently revised and updated to cover the period from 1950 to 1979. Volume 11 (Revised) represents the termination of the Special Publication series insofar as ICNAF is concerned.


Special Publication No. 5 (Issued February 1964)

The Selectivity of Fishing Gear

Special Publication No. 5

(Issued February 1964) (5 135 kb)

The Selectivity of Fishing Gear

ALLEN, K. R. The influence of behaviour on the capture of fish with baits
ANCELLIN, J. and P. DESBROSSES The selective action of nets made of manila, hemp and nylon (Abstract only; paper published in Rev. d. Trav. de I'lust. des Peches Maritimes, Vol. 20, Paris, 1956)
BEVERTON, R. J. M. Escape of fish through different parts of a codend
BEVERTON, R. J. H. and A. R. MARGETTS The effect of codend mesh size on certain working characteristics of trawls
von BRANDT, A. Selectivity data for synthetic fibres
CLARK. J. R. Size selection of fish by otter trawls: results of recent experiments in the Northwest Atlantic
ELLIS. R. W. Experiments to investigate the escape of fish through the meshes of different parts of the trawl
GULLAND. J. A. Approximations to the selection ogive, and their effect on the predicted yield
HOLT, S. J. A method for determining gear selectivity and its application
JONES, R. Some theoretical aspects on the escape of haddock from a codend
KIPLING, C. Some estimates of theoretical minimum expected sizes of perch in gill nets
McCRACKEN, F. D. Selection by codend meshes and hooks of cod, haddock, flatfish and redfish
MARGETTS, A. R. An illustration of differing selectivities in two trawls
MARGETTS, A. R. Escapes of fish through the component parts of trawls
PARRISH. B. B. Some remarks on selection processes in fishing operations
PARRISH. B. B. and J. A. POPE Results on the effects of using small-mesh covers: effects on the catches of the escape sizes of fish
POPE, J. A. A note on experimental design
POPE, J. A. Sampling catches at sea
SAETERSDAL, G. A note on the methods used in mesh selection experiments
SAETERSDAL. G. Selectivity of long lines
STRZYZEWSKI, W. and J. ZAUCHA The stretch on net meshes
TEMPLEMAN. W. Otter-trawl covered codend and alternative haul mesh-selection experiments on redfish, haddock, cod, American plaice and witch flounder; girth measurements of haddock, cod and redfish, and meshing of redfish in the Newfoundland area
TRESCHEV. A. On the selectivity of trawls and drift-nets
ZUPANOVIC, S. Experiments on the fishing effectiveness of trawls using wire cable bridle and wire cable bridle with manila

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