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ICNAF - Special Publications

These publications were issued at irregular intervals and contain the results of special ICNAF projects and contributions to symposia and special meetings, some of which were sponsored jointly by ICNAF, ICES and FAO. All were published by ICNAF, except No.2, entitled "Proceedings of the Joint Scientific Meeting of ICNAF, ICES and FAO on Fishing Effort, the Effect of Fishing on the Resources, and the Selectivity of Fishing Gear-Reports", which was printed by FAO. The contributed papers to that meeting on the selectivity of fishing gear were subsequently published as Special Publication No.5.

Number 7 of this series, containing the results of the ICNAF Environmental Surveys carried out in 1963, was issued in 4 parts, namely Text, Atlas, Oceanographic Data Record (3 volumes), and Biological Data Record. Number 11 in the series, issued in 1975, is entitled "Index and List of Titles, ICNAF Publications, 1950-1974". This issue was subsequently revised and updated to cover the period from 1950 to 1979. Volume 11 (Revised) represents the termination of the Special Publication series insofar as ICNAF is concerned.


Special Publication No. 6 (Issued September 1966)

ICNAF Environmental Symposium, 1964


Special Publication No. 6

(Issued September 1966) (19 MB)
This volume is rather large and has been broken down into sections. Use links below

ICNAF Environmental Symposium, 1964

Front Section (5264 kb)
(Chairman's Summary)
ICNAF Environmental Symposium, Rome 1964
Section Summaries
LEE, A. J.
(Section A Convener)
Effect of physical environmental conditions on the distribution of adult fish (i.e. immediate and seasonal effects)
(Section B Convener)
Effect of the environment on pelagic and early demersal stages of groundfish
(Section C. Convener)
Effect of the biological environment (including parasites) on the distribution of adult fish
(Section D Convener)
Effect of the environment on the growth, survival, and age and size at first maturity
(Section E Convener)
Herring and the environment in the ICNAF Area
(Section F Convener)
Physiological reactions to changes in the environment
(Section G Convener)
The effect of the environment on the process of fishing
(Section H Convener)
Effects of long-term trends
(Section I Convener)
Forecasting environmental conditions
DIETRICH, G. New hydrographical aspects of the Northwest Atlantic
AHLSTROM, E. H. A review of the effects of the environment on the Pacific sardine
BROCK, V.E. A review of the effects of the environment on the tuna
PARRISH. B. B. A review of the effects of the environment on the herring (Published in Oceanography and Marine Biology 1965, Vol. 3, p. 323-373)


Section A Contributions (4049 kb)
EDWARDS. R. L. Relation of temperature to fish abundance and distribution in the southern New England area
JEAN, Yves. Seasonal distribution of cod (Gadus morhua L.) along the Canadian Atlantic coast in relation to water temperature
MCCRACKEN, F. D. Distribution of haddock off the eastern Canadian mainland in relation to season, depth and bottom temperature
TEMPLEMAN, W., and A. M. FLEMING Cod and low temperature in St. Mary's Bay, Newfoundland
TEMPLEMAN, W. Mass mortalities of marine fishes in the Newfoundland area presumably due to temperature
TEMPLEMAN, W. and A.W. MAY Research vessel catches of cod in the Hamilton Inlet Bank area in relation to depth and temperature
CENDRERO, O. About possible fishing/temperature of water relationship
TEMPLEMAN, W. and V. M. HODDER Distribution of haddock on the Grand Bank in relation to season, depth and temperature
TEMPLEMAN, W. and V. M. HODDER Distribution of haddock on St. Pierre Bank (ICNAF Division 3Ps) by season, depth and temperature
HORSTED, Sv. Aa. and E. SMIDT. Influence of cold water on fish and prawn stocks in West Greenland
PECHENIK, L. N. and I. I. SVETLOV Influence of the temperature regime on the behaviour of redfish off West Greenland in springs of 1959-61
MlDTTUN, L. S. The relation between temperature conditions and fish distribution in the southeastern Barents Sea
KONSTANTINOV. K. G. Water temperature as a factor guiding fishes during their migrations
BEVERTON, R. J. H. and A. J. LEE The influence of hydrographic and other factors on the distribution of cod on the Spitsbergen Shelf
ZHAROV, V. L. Data on the distribution of tuna concentrations during the feeding period in the tropical Atlantic Ocean (Abstract only published here)
LAEVASTU, T. Interpretation of fish distributions in respect to currents in the available laboratory and field observations
HARDEN JONES, F. Fish migration and water currents
WOODHEAD, P. M. J. Effects of light upon behaviour and distribution of demersal fishes of the North Atlantic


SECTION B (2971 kb)
MAGNUSSON, J. and I. HALLGRIMSSON The relationship between the distribution of Sebastes larvae, zooplankton and temperature in the Irminger Sea (Abstract only given here; paper published in "'Rit Fiskideildar")
COLEBROOK, J. M. On the analysis of variation in the plankton, the environment and the fisheries
BAINBRIDGE, V. A preliminary study of Sebastes larvae in relation to the planktonic environment of the Irminger Sea
HENDERSON, G. T. D. Redfish larvae in the North Atlantic
COLTON. J. B., Jr. The distribution and behaviour of pelagic and early demersal stages of haddock in relation to sampling techniques
SAVILLE, A. Factors controlling dispersal of the pelagic stages of fish and their influence on survival
PONOMARENKO, I. J. Comparative characteristics of some biological indices of the bottom stages of 0-group cod belonging to the 1956, 1958, 1959, 1960 and 1961 year-classes
MARTY, J. J. Drift migrations and their significance to the biology of food fishes of the North Atlantic
GULLAND, J. A. Survival of the youngest stages of fish, and its relation to year-class strength
CORLETT, J. Winds. currents. plankton and the year-class strength of cod in the western Barents Sea
POSTOLAKY, A. I. On the life cycle of Labrador cod (published in ICNAF Spec. Publ. No.7, Part I. p. 139-144)
DEMENTJEVA, T. F. Changes in recruitment to the stock in relation to the environment with reference to mathematical modelling
FEDOSOV, M. V. and I. A. ERMACHENKO On primary food supply - the base of productivity in the Northwest Atlantic (published in ICNAF Spec. Publ. No.7, Pt. I, p. 87-93)
HERMANN, F., P. M. HANSEN, and Sv. Aa. HORSTED The effect of temperature and currents on the distribution and survival of cod larvae at West Greenland
BARANENKOVA, A. S. Notes on the condition of formation of the Areta-Norwegian tribe of cod of the 1959-61 year-classes during the first year of life
SYSOEVA, T. K. and A. A. DEGTEREVA The relation between the feeding of cod larvae and pelagic fry and the distribution and abundance of their principal food organisms
KOTTHAUS, A. The breeding and larvae distribution of redfish in relation to water temperature
SEREBRYAKOV, V. P. Some results of Soviet research work on ichthyoplankton in the Northwest Atlantic: eggs and larvae of cod


Section C Contributions (1817 kb)
HORSTED, SV. Aa. and E. SMIDT Remarks on effect of food animals on cod behaviour
BRUNEL, P. Food as a factor or indicator of vertical migrations of cod in the western Gulf of St. Lawrence
TEMPLEMAN, W. Some instances of cod and haddock behaviour and concentrations in the Newfoundland and Labrador areas in relation to food
STEELE, J. H. Some problems in the study of marine resources
BAKSHTANSKY, E. L. The impact of environmental factors on survival of the far eastern young salmon during acclimatization of the latter in the northwest part of the USSR
KELLY. G.F. and A.M. BARKER The copepod ectoparasite Sphyrion Zumpi (Kroyer) in relation to redfish Sebastes marinus (L.) in the Gulf of Maine
WIGLEY, R.L. Density-dependent food relationships with reference to New England groundfish


Section D Contributions (2487 kb)
HODDER, V. M. The possible effect of temperature on the fecundity of Grand Bank haddock
TEMPLEMAN, W. Relation of periods of successful year-classes of haddock on the Grand Bank to periods of success of year-classes of cod, haddock and herring in areas to the north and east
KOHLER, A. C. Changes in growth, feeding and density of Gulf of St. Lawrence cod (Abstract only given here; paper published in J. Fish. Bd. Canada, 21(1), p. 57-100)
JONSSON, J. Temperature and growth of cod in Icelandic waters
MANKOWSKI, W. Some problems of zooplankton production and the problems of fisheries
MAY, A. W., A. T. PINHORN, R. WELLS, and A. M. FLEMING. Cod growth and temperature in the Newfoundland area
HERMANN, F., and P. M. HANSEN Possible influence of water temperature on the growth of the West Greenland cod
SONINA. M. A. Relationship between the growth rate and population density of haddock
in the Barents Sea
DEMENTYEVA, T. F., and E. M. MANKEVICH Changes in the growth rate of the Barents Sea cod as affected by environmental factors


Section E Contributions (2907 kb)
TIBBO, S. N. Effect of light on movements of herring 1n the Bay of Fundy
PAVSHTICS. E. A. Distribution of plankton and summer feeding of herring in the Norwegian Sea and on Georges Bank
LAUZIER, L.M. and S.N. TlBBO Water temperature and the herring fishery of Magdalen Islands, Quebec
BRYANTSEV, V. A. The influence of water masses of the New England and Nova Scotia Shelf on the formation of commercial concentrations of herring
SINDERMANN. C. J. Effects of environment on several diseases of herring from the western North Atlantic
SHERMAN, K. Seasonal and areal distribution of Gulf of Maine coastal zooplankton, 1963
GRAHAM, J. J., and H. C. BOYAR Ecology of herring larvae in the coastal waters of Maine
SHMARINA, L. R. Distribution of wintering herring in the southern part of the Norwegian Sea according to temperature conditions


Section F Contributions (2278 kb)
KALLE. K. Possible effect of oxygen lack on shoaling fish
BLAXTER, J. R. S. Effect of change of light intensity on fish
HOLLIDAY, F. G. T. The significance of environment/endocrine studies to the investigation and exploitation of fish stocks
LILLELUND, K. Effect of abiotic factors on young stages of marine fish
HEMPEL, G. Fecundity and egg size in relation to the environment
WOODHEAD, A. D., and P. M. J. WOODHEAD Seasonal changes in the physiology of the Barents Sea cod, Gadus morhua L., in relation to its environment. I. Endocrine changes particularly affecting migration and maturation
WOODHEAD, P. M. J. and A. D. WOODHEAD Seasonal changes in the physiology of the Barents Sea cod, Gadus morhua L. in relation to its environment. II. Physiological reactions to low temperature
ILES. T. D. Factors determining or limiting the physiological reaction of herring to environmental changes
SUNDNES, G. Energy metabolism and migration of fish
LEIVESTAD, H. Supercooling and osmoregulation in teleosts of the boreal and sub-arctic
SHAW, E. The optomotor response and the schooling of fish


Section G Contributions (1430 kb)
EWING, J. A. and N. HOGBEN A first look at some wave and wind data from trawlers
MEYER, A. Relationship between drift-ice. atmospheric circulation, and fishing possibilities off southeast Greenland during the first halves of the years 1959-63
MOHR, H. Changes in the behaviour of fish due to environment and motivation and their influence on fishing
AVILOV. I. K. Bottom contours and nature of grounds and their significance for trawl fishing


Section H Contributions (2655 kb)
BLACKER, R.W. Recent changes in the benthos of the west Spitsbergen fishing grounds
TEMPLEMAN, W. Anomolies of sea temperature at Station 27 off Cape Spear and of air temperature at Torbay-St. John's
LAUZIER. L. M. Long-term temperature variations in the Scotian Shelf area
HANSEN, P. M., and F. HERMANN Effect of long-term temperature trends on occurrence of cod at West Greenland
SMED. J. Variation of the temperature of the surface water in areas of the northern
North Atlantic, 1876-1961
ELIZAROV, A. A. Long-term variations of oceanographic conditions and stocks of cod observed in the areas of West Greenland, Labrador and Newfoundland
MARTIN, W. R., and A. C. KOHLER. Variation in recruitment of cod (Gadus morhua L.) in southern ICNAF waters, as related to environmental changes
BUMPUS, D. F. and J. CHASE Changes in the hydrography observed along the east coast of the United States
TAIT, J. B. and J. H. A. MARTIN Inferential biological effects of long-term hydrographical trends deduced from investigations in the Faroe-Shetland Channel


SECTION I (2433 kb)
LAUZIER. L. M. Foreshadowing of surface water temperatures at St. Andrews, N. B.
HARVEY, J. Factors affecting water temperature in the seas north of Norway
LAEVASTU, T. Is oceanographic forecasting (hydrosis) feasible for fisheries?
ISELIN, C. O'D. Notes on the problem of predicting near surface temperature gradients in the open ocean
TAIT, J. B. Forecasting environmental conditions in the Faroe-Shetland Channel region
EGGVIN, J. The possibility of forecasting oceanographic conditions in northwest European waters and their significance for fisheries
SCHULE, J.J., Jr. Some aspects of oceanographic prediction

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