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ICNAF - Special Publications

These publications were issued at irregular intervals and contain the results of special ICNAF projects and contributions to symposia and special meetings, some of which were sponsored jointly by ICNAF, ICES and FAO. All were published by ICNAF, except No.2, entitled "Proceedings of the Joint Scientific Meeting of ICNAF, ICES and FAO on Fishing Effort, the Effect of Fishing on the Resources, and the Selectivity of Fishing Gear-Reports", which was printed by FAO. The contributed papers to that meeting on the selectivity of fishing gear were subsequently published as Special Publication No.5.

Number 7 of this series, containing the results of the ICNAF Environmental Surveys carried out in 1963, was issued in 4 parts, namely Text, Atlas, Oceanographic Data Record (3 volumes), and Biological Data Record. Number 11 in the series, issued in 1975, is entitled "Index and List of Titles, ICNAF Publications, 1950-1974". This issue was subsequently revised and updated to cover the period from 1950 to 1979. Volume 11 (Revised) represents the termination of the Special Publication series insofar as ICNAF is concerned.


Special Publication No. 8 (Issued July 1972) (9775 kb)

Symposium on Environmental Conditions in the Northwest Atlantic, 1960-69

Special Publication No. 8

(Issued July 1972) (9775 kb)

Symposium on Environmental Conditions in the Northwest Atlantic, 1960-69

RODEWALD, M. Temperature conditions in the North and Northwest Atlantic during the decade 1961-70
DICKSON, R. R. and H. H. LAMB A review of recent hydro-meteorological events in the North Atlantic sector
BURMAKIN, V. V. Seasonal and year to year variations in water temperature in the Labrador and Newfoundland area
LØKEN, O. H. Growth and decay of glaciers as an indicator of long-term environmental changes
DINSMORE, R. P. Ice and its drift in the North Atlantic Ocean
LONCAREVIC, B. D. and A. S. RUFFMAN A look at the bottom marine geology of the Northwest Atlantic
ALEKSEEV, A. P., B. P. KUDLO, V. N. YAKOVLEV, A. F. FEDOSEYEV, and A. S. BARINOV Some aspects of water circulation in the Northwest Atlantic in 1960-69
COLEBROOK, J. M. Variability in the distribution and abundance of the plankton
ZLOBIN, V. S. The chemical bases and mechanisms of spring phytoplankton blooming in the North and Northwest Atlantic
DICKIE, L. M. Food chains and fish production
TEMPLEMAN, W. Year-class success in some North Atlantic stocks of cod and haddock

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