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Scientific Council Research Documents (SCR)

2019 Scientific Council Research (SCR) documents


Doc No.

Serial No.



SCR Doc.19/001

N6903 González-Costas, F., D. González-Troncoso, C. Fernández, A. Urtizberea, R. Alpoim, A. Avila de Melo, J. De Oliveira, P. Apostolaki, T. Brunel, D. García

Potential Operating Models, Harvest Control Rules and Performance Statistics for the NAFO 3M Cod MSE 

SCR Doc.19/002 N6904 Diana González-Troncoso and Antonio Ávila de Melo 3M cod MSE: Different OMs based on M calculated in steps 
SCR Doc.19/003 N6905 Thomas Brunel Investigation of a growth model incorporating density-dependence for the Cod 3M management plan simulations 
SCR Doc.19/004 N6906 González-Troncoso, D., González-Costas, F. and Fernández, C. Estimation of the reference points for the different OMs in the Cod 3M MSE 
SCR Doc.19/005 N6907 Carmen Fernández, Diana González-Troncoso, Fernando González-Costas, Thomas Brunel, Ricardo Alpoim, Antonio Ávila, Jose de Oliveria, Agurtzane Urtizberea and Panayiota Apostolaki 3M cod MSE: survey indices in the projection years 
SCR Doc. 19/006 N6908 González-Troncoso, D. Specifications of the OMs and the projections for the 3M cod MSE
SCR Doc. 19/007 N6913 John Mortensen Report on hydrographic conditions off Southwest Greenland June/July 2018 
SCR Doc. 19/008 N6923 Rasmus Nygaard and Adriana Nogueira Biomass and Abundance of Demersal Fish Stocks off West and East Greenland estimated from the Greenland Institute of Natural resources (GINR) Shrimp and Fish Survey (SFW), 1990-2018.
SCR Doc. 19/009 N6924 Paula Fratantoni Hydrographic Conditions on the Northeast United States Continental Shelf in 2018 – NAFO Subareas 5 and 6
SCR Doc. 19/010 N6925 D. Bélanger, P. Pepin, G. Maillet, C. Johnson, E. Devred, B. Casault, C. Caverhill, S. Plourde, M. Blais Biogeochemical oceanographic conditions in the Northwest Atlantic during 2018
SCR Doc. 19/011 N6926 F. Cyr, E. Colbourne, D. Hebert, R. Pettipas, P. S. Galbraith, G. Han, and S. Snook Environmental and Physical Oceanographic Conditions during 2018 on the Eastern Canadian shelves (NAFO Sub-areas 2, 3 and 4)
SCR Doc. 19/012 N6927 Esther Román, Diana González-Troncoso and Marisol Alvarez Results for the Spanish Survey in the NAFO Regulatory Area of Division 3L for the period 2003-2018
SCR Doc. 19/013 N6928 Esther Román, Diana González-Troncoso and Marisol Alvarez Results for the Atlantic cod, roughhead grenadier, redfish, thorny skate and black dogfish of the Spanish Survey in the NAFO Div. 3L for the period 2003-2018
SCR Doc. 19/014 N6930 V. Korzhev and M. Pochtar Proposals for redfish fishery regulation with occasional recruitment in the Flemish Cap Bank area
SCR Doc. 19/015 N6931 R.M. Rideout, D.W. Ings Temporal And Spatial Coverage Of Canadian (Newfoundland And Labrador Region) Spring And Autumn Multi-Species RV Bottom Trawl Surveys, With An Emphasis On Surveys
Conducted In 2018
SCR Doc. 19/016 N6932 A. Ávila de Melo , F. Saborido-Rey, M. Fabeiro, Sonia Rábade, D. González Troncoso, F. González-Costas, M. Pochtar, and R. Alpoim An assessment of beaked redfish (S. mentella and S. fasciatus) in NAFO Division 3M (including an update revision for the most recent level of natural mortality)
SCR Doc. 19/017 N6933 A. Pérez-Rodríguez, D. Howell and I.Umar EU SC05 project: “Multispecies Fisheries Assessment for NAFO”. Estimation of multispecies based HCRs and use of a multispecies MSE framework to assess the risk of collapse and the fishery-ecological trade-offs. 
SCR Doc. 19/018 N6934 Diana González-Troncoso, Irene Garrido and Ana Gago Yellowtail flounder, redfish (Sebastes spp.) and witch flounder indices from the Spanish Survey conducted in Divisions 3NO of the NAFO Regulatory Area 
SCR Doc. 19/019 N6935 Diana González-Troncoso, Irene Garrido, Ana Gago and Esther Román Results for Greenland halibut, American plaice and Atlantic cod of the Spanish survey in NAFO Div. 3NO for the period 1997-2018
SCR Doc. 19/020 N6936 Diana González-Troncoso, Irene Garrido and Ana Gago Biomass and length distribution for roughhead grenadier, thorny skate, white hake and squid from the surveys conducted by Spain in NAFO 3NO 
SCR Doc. 19/021 N6937 Diana González Troncoso, Ricardo Alpoim and Mónica Mandado Results from Bottom Trawl Survey on Flemish Cap of June-July 2018
SCR Doc. 19/022 N6938 M.R. Simpson, R. Collins and C. Miri An Assessment of White Hake (Urophycis tenuis, Mitchill 1815)
in NAFO Divisions 3N, 3O, and Subdivision 3Ps
SCR Doc. 19/023 N6939 Fernando González-Costas An assessment of NAFO roughhead grenadier Subarea 2 and 3 stock.
SCR Doc. 19/024 N6940 Katherine A. Sosebee, Paul Kostovick, and Nancy McHugh Data Collection and Processing Protocols for the United States NEFSC Surveys, 1963-2018 *Abstract
SCR Doc. 19/025 N6941 Katherine A. Sosebee and Timothy J. Miller A Summary of the Calibration Studies Conducted by the Northeast Fisheries Science Center for the Spring and Fall Groundfish Bottom Trawl Surveys *Abstract
SCR Doc. 19/026REV N6942 Diana González-Troncoso, Carmen Fernández and Fernando González-Costas Assessment of the Cod Stock in NAFO Division 3M
SCR Doc. 19/027 N6943 Mathieu Ouellet Inventory of Environmental Data Collected in the NAFO Convention Area, 2018
SCR Doc. 19/028 N6944 F. González-Costas, D. González-Troncoso, C. Fernández and A. Urtizberea Low recruitment 3M Cod Operating Model
SCR Doc. 19/029 N6945 M. Joanne Morgan and Mariano Koen-Alonso Exploration of priors used in surplus production model in a Bayesian framework applied to witch flounder in NAFO Div. 3NO
SCR Doc. 19/030 N6946 F. González-Costas and G. Ramilo Greenland sharks (Somniosus microcephalus) Spanish data (Surveys and Fishery) in NAFO Regulatory Area.
SCR Doc. 19/031 N6948 R.M. Rideout & L.J. Wheeland In or out? A review of decisions made by Scientific Council to include or exclude Canadian survey data points with reduced spatial coverage.
SCR Doc. 19/032 N6949 Rasmus Nygaard  Commercial data for the Greenland Halibut Stock Component in NAFO Division 1A Inshore
SCR Doc. 19/033 N6950 Rasmus Nygaard  Trawl, gillnet and longline survey results from surveys conducted by the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources in NAFO Division 1A Inshore
SCR Doc. 19/034 N6951 B. Rogers and J. Morgan An assessment of the witch flounder resource in NAFO Divisions 3NO  
SCR Doc. 19/035 N6952 R. Alpoim et al Assessment of Golden Redfish in 3M
SCR Doc. 19/036 N6954 M.J. Morgan, P.M. Regular and D.W. Ings Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) in NAFO Subarea 2 and Divisions 3KLMNO: stock trends based on annual Canadian research vessel survey results and an  update of the SAM style model
SCR Doc. 19/037 N6956 L. Wheeland, M. Treble, A. Nogueira Overview of sources of uncertainty in reported catches of Greenland shark Somniosus microcephalus within the NAFO Convention Area
SCR Doc. 19/038 N6959 D. W. Ings and R.M. Rideout An Assessment of the Status of Redfish in NAFO Division 3O
SCR Doc. 19/039 N6960 Igor Yashayaev, Marc Ringuette, Ingrid Peterson,  Zeliang Wang,  Erica Head, Stephen Punshon, Emmanuel Devred, Kumiko Azetsu-Scott  Environmental Conditions in the Labrador Sea during 2018
SCR Doc. 19/040 N6961 Igor Yashayaev,  Marc Ringuette,  Ingrid Peterson,  Zeliang Wang, Erica Head, Emmanuel Devred  Revisiting Environmental Conditions in the Labrador Sea during 2017
SCR Doc. 19/041 N6969

J.M. Casas Sánchez

Division 3M Northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) – Interim Monitoring Update
SCR Doc. 19/042


L. C. Hendrickson and M. A. Showell 2019 Assessment of Northern Shortfin Squid (Illex illecebrosus) in Subareas 3+4
SCR Doc. 19/043


Burmeister and Rigét

The West Greenland trawl survey for Pandalus borealis, 2019, with reference to earlier results.

SCR Doc. 19/044


Burmeister and Rigét 

The Fishery for Northern Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) off West Greenland, 1970–2019
SCR Doc. 19/045



Catch Table Update for the West Greenland Shrimp Fishery

SCR Doc. 19/046


Burmeister and Rigét

A provisional Assessment of the shrimp stock off West Greenland in 2019

SCR Doc. 19/047


Frank Rigét The Fishery for Northern Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in Denmark Strait / off East Greenland 1978 – 2019.
SCR Doc. 19/048


Rigét and Burmeister  Estimation of the cod biomass by SAM and its implication for the assessment of Northern Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in West Greenland.
SCR Doc. 19/049 N7013 Burmeister and Rigét Relationship between the survey abundance of Age – 2 shrimp, Pre-recruits and fishable biomass two to four years later
SCR Doc. 19/050


Burmeister Reply to the Canadian request for advice of shrimps in Subarea 0 and 1.
SCR Doc. 19/051 N7015 J. M. Casas Assessment of the International Fishery for Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in Division 3M (Flemish Cap), 1993-2019
SCR Doc. 19/052 N7016

Casas, J.M., E. Román and M. Álvarez

Northern Shrimp (Pandalus borealis, Krøyer) from EU-Spain Bottom Trawl
SCR Doc. 19/053 N7017 J. M. Casas Northern Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) on Flemish Cap Surveys 2019
SCR Doc. 19/054 N7018 Carsten Hvingel Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in the Barents Sea – Stock assessment 2019
SCR Doc. 19/055 N7019 Carsten. Hvingel and Trude. H. Thangstad Research survey results pertaining to northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in the Barents Sea and Svalbard area 2004-2019
SCR Doc. 19/056 N7020

Carsten. Hvingel and Trude. H. Thangstad

The Norwegian fishery for northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in the Barents Sea and round Svalbard 1970-2019
SCR Doc. 19/057 N7029 S. Wang, Z. Wang, C. Lirette, E. Kenchington Connectivity Between Areas Closed to Protect Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems in the NAFO Regulatory Area using a 3-D Lagrangian Particle Tracking Model
SCR Doc. 19/058 N7030 E. Kenchington, C. Lirette, F.J. Murillo, L. Beazley, & A.-L. Downie Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems in the NAFO Regulatory Area: Updated Kernel Density Analyses of Vulnerable Marine Ecosystem Indicators
SCR Doc. 19/059 N7031 G. Søvik and T. H. Thangstad Results of the Norwegian Bottom Trawl Survey for Northern Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in Skagerrak and the Norwegian Deep (ICES Divisions 3.a and 4.a East) in 2019
SCR Doc. 19/060Rev. N7037 Mar Sacau, Pablo Durán Muñoz, and Bárbara Neves New preliminary data on VME encounters in NAFO Regulatory Area (Divs. 3LMNO) from EU; EU-Spain Groundfish Surveys (2019) and Canadian surveys (2018 and spring 2019)









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