The annual meeting took place at the Lord Nelson Hotel, Halifax, NS, Canada during 9-12 September.

Quota Table for 1986

Meeting Proceedings of General Council and Fisheries Commission 1986

Scientific Council Reports 1986

Other Meetings included:

Scientific Council

  • 14-20 January, NAFO Headquarters, Dartmouth, NS, Canada
    To provide advice on the status of the shrimp stocks in Subareas 0 and 1 and on the scientific basis for their management in 1986 and the the shrimp stock off East Greenland.
  • 4-19 June, NAFO Headquarters, Dartmouth, N.S., Canada
  • 3-5 September, NAFO Headquarters, Dartmouth, N.S., Canada
    Special Session on "Recent advances in understanding recruitment of marine fishes with particular emphasis on Georges Bank herring and Flemish Cap cod and redfish stocks", with M. D. Grosslein (USA) as convener. 

Officers of the Organization:

General Council
H. Schmiegelow (EU) President of the organization and
Chairman of the General Council
K. Plagemann (GDR) Vice-Chairman of the General Council
D. E. Pethick (Canada) Chair of STACFAD
Scientific Council
J. Messtorff (EU- FRG) Chairman of the Scientific Council
J. Beckett (Canada) Vice-Chairman of the Scientific Council and Chairman of STACPUB
W. R. Bowering (Canada) Chairman of STACFIS
R. Dominguez (Cuba) Chairman of STACREC
Fisheries Commission
J. Varea (Cuba) Chairman of the Fisheries Commission
K. Yonezawa (Japan) Vice-Chairman of the Fisheries Commission
R. J. Prier (Canada) Chairman of STACTIC
Executive Secretary
J. C. E. Cardoso


Contracting Parties (and dates):

Bulgaria (6 June 1979) Canada (30 November 1978)
Cuba (22 December 1978) Denmark (in respect of the Faroe Islands and Greenland (30 May 1979)
European Economic Community (EEC) 
(28 December 1978)
German Democratic Republic (GDR)
(28 December 1978)
Iceland (29 December 1978) Japan (4 January 1980)
Norway (28 December 1978) Poland (6 November 1979)
Portugal (27 May 1979) Romania (5 March 1979)
Spain (31 August 1983) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)
(27 December 1978)

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