NAFO manages 19 stocks consisting of  11 species. Below is summary information on the NAFO-managed species.

 Species  Description (fact sheets included in link) Management Area (Divisions) 
Summary Sheets 
Atlantic cod
Gadus morhua
3M, 3L, 3NO

Sebastes spp.
3LN, 3M, 3O,
Subareas 2 and Div. 1F + 3K
American plaice
Hippoglossoides platessoides
 3LNO and 3M
Witch flounder
Glyptocephalus cynoglossus
 Div. 2J3KL and 3NO
Yellowtail flounder
Limanda ferruginea
Greenland halibut
Reinhardtius hippoglossoides
 SA 2 + Div. 3KLMNO
White hake
Urophycis tenuis
3NO and 3Ps
Thorny skate
Amblyraja radiata
 3LNO and Subdiv. 3Ps
Mallotus villosus
Shortfinned squid
Illex illecebrosus
SA 3 and 4
Northern Shrimp
Pandalus spp.
 3LNO and 3M

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