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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

NAFO SC Studies No. 4 (1982)

Special Session on Remote Sensing, September 1981

Author Title size (kb)
J. F. R. Gower General Overview of the Nature and Use of Satellite Remote Sensing Data for Fisheries Application 1607 kb
J. Lockwood Chamberlin Application of Satellite Infrared Data to Analysis of Ocean Frontal Movements and Water Mass Interactions off Northeastern United States 747 kb
J. G. Irbe, R. K. Cross and A. Saulesleja Remote Sensing of Surface Water Temperature on the Great Lakes and off the Canadian East Coast 610 kb
Ichiro Yamanaka Application of Satellite Remote Sensing to Fishery Studies in Japan 1340 kb
Kiyomitsu Kitano Visual Features of the Kuroshio Eddies as Seen in the Infrared Satellite Images from NOAA-6 (Abstract Only) 60 kb
Charles S. Yentsch Satellite Observation of Phytoplankton Distribution Associated with Large Scale Oceanic Circulation 790 kb
J. F. R. Gower The "Fluorescence Line Imager" Program for Improved Mapping of Sea-surface Chlorophyll from Space 342 kb
B. J. Topliss Water Color in Eastern Canadian Inshore Areas 759 kb
G. A. Borstad, R. M. Brown, D. Truax, T. R. Mulligan and J. F. R. Gower Remote Sensing Techniques for Fisheries Oceanography: Examples from British Columbia 652 kb
R. M. Hayes and J. J. Murray Application of a Satellite-tracked Fishing Vessel Transmitting Terminal to Fisheries Management and Science 559 kb
R. W. Trites, D. J. Lawrence and C. K. Ross An Application of Satellites and Remote Sensing to Studies of Surface Circulation off Eastern Canada 1051 kb
Howard Edel Availability of Remote Sensing Data for the Northwest Atlantic 867 kb
  Front pages 526 kb
  Back pages 471 kb

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