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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

Redbook 1963

Part I. Proceedings of STACRES
(Issued Oct 1963) (2204 kb)
ICNAF Report of Standing Committee on Research and Statistics, 1963 Annual Meeting (with 8 Appendices)
Part II. Research Reports
(Issued Dec 1963) (3429 kb)
TEMPLEMAN, W., W.R. MARTIN, L.M. LAUZIER, N.J. CAMPBELL, and A. MARCOTTE Canadian research report, 1962
HANSEN. P.M. and J.S. JOENSEN Danish research report, 1962
ANON. French research report, 1962
MEYER, A., and J. MESSTORFF Federal Republic of Germany research report, 1962
JONSSON, J. Icelandic research report, 1962
BRATBERG, E. Norwegian research report, 1962
QUARTIN. G.V. Portuguese research report, 1962
RODRIGUEZ-MARTIN, O., A. FIGUERAS and J.L. ARAMBARRI Spanish research report, 1962
NOSKOV, A.S., G.P. ZAKHAROV, and I.N. SIDORENKO USSR research report, 1962
LUCAS, C.E. and R.J.H. BEVERTON United Kingdom research report, 1962
GRAHAM. H.W. United States research report, 1962
Part III. Selected Papers
(Issued Dec 1963) (1671 kb)
ICNAF Report of workshop on ageing techniques in Bergen, 1962
JENSEN. A.C. A standard terminology and notation for otolith age readers
GAMBELL. R., and J. MESSTORFF. Age determination in the whiting (Merlangus merlangus L.. ) by means of otoliths
PARRISH B.B. Selectivity differences between codends made of natural and synthetic fibres in the ICNAF Area
ICNAF Secretariat Annotated list of papers pertinent to ICNAF, 1962

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