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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

2016 - Fisheries Commission-Scientific Council Documents

NAFO SC Studies No. 44 (2012)

30 November 2012

NAFO SC Studies No. 44 (2012)

Report of the Workshop on Implementation of Stock Reproductive Potential into Assessment and Management Advice for Harvested Marine Species

M. J. Morgan, C. T. Marshall, L. O'Brien, I. Mosqueira and S. Cerviño

ICNAF Management

30 August 2012

ICNAF Management

Regulation of the fisheries

NAFO SC Studies No. 16 (1991)

30 November 1991

NAFO SC Studies No. 16 (1991)

Special Session on Management Under Uncertainties, 5-7 September 1990

During 5-7 September 1990, the Scientific Council held a Special Session on "Management Under Uncertainties Related to Biology and Assessments, with Case Studies on Some North Atlantic Fisheries" at the Lord Nelson Hotel, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, with J. Shepherd (EEC-UK) as convener. Keen interest in the contributions and associated discussions prompted the Scientific Council to consider publishing all contributions in a single volume of NAFO Scientific Council Studies. Of the 22 presentations made at the Session, 16 papers and 5 extended abstracts were accepted for publication in this issue of Studies after review by the convener and the editor. The contributions are printed in the order they were presented at the Session.

NAFO SC Studies No. 12 (1988)

31 March 1988

NAFO SC Studies No. 12 (1988)

Miscellaneous Selected Papers


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