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1980 Fisheries Commission Documents


Serial No.
Doc. No.
N038 FC Doc. 80/1
(270 kb)
Comments on Div. 3M cod
N082 FC Doc. 80/2
(208 kb)
Canadian proposal for the regulation of minimum mesh size for the fishing of groundfish in the Regulatory Area
N084 FC Doc. 80/3
(290 kb)
Canadian proposal for reporting fish on board vessels entering the Convention Area
N085 FC Doc. 80/4
(246 kb)
Canadian proposal for a resolution relating to vessels of non-Member Countries operating in the Convention Area
N086 FC Doc. 80/5
(170 kb)
Canadian proposal for international regulation of the fisheries for cod in Divisions 3NO of the Convention Area
N095 FC Doc. 80/6
(3881 kb)
Report of the Working Group on Conservation and Enforcement Measures for NAFO
N179 FC Doc. 80/7
(2228 kb)
Report of the First Special Meeting of the Fisheries Commission of NAFO, Toronto, Canada, 4-7 March 1980
N181 FC Doc. 80/10
(211 kb)
North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission - Eighteenth Annual Meeting, 20-22 November 1979 - Press Notice
N201 FC Doc. 80/11
(776 kb)
Present status of implementation - Scheme of Joint Enforcement (as of 27 October 1980)
N236 FC Doc. 80/12
(292 kb)
Scientific Council recommendations relevant to the Fisheries Commission
N239 FC Doc. 80/13
(206 kb)
Request for further advice on mesh size for cod and redfish in Division 3M
N221 FC Doc. 80/14
(1411 kb)
Proposal by ad hoc Drafting Group on Proposed Conservation and Enforcement Measures
N242 FC Doc. 80/15
(3463 kb)
Proposed Conservation and Enforcement Measures in the NAFO Regulatory Area (reported by the Working Group on 10 September 1980)
N243 FC Doc. 80/16
(3367 kb)
Report of the Fisheries Commission of NAFO, Second Annual Meeting, St. John's, Canada, 9-12 September 1980
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