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1984 Fisheries Commission Documents


Serial No.
Doc. No.
N888 FC Doc. 84/1
(61 kb)
Canadian Proposal on Amendment to Regulation 1 of Part I.A of the Conservation and Enforcement Measures
N923 FC Doc. 84/2
(25 kb)
1983 Canadian Report on Overfishing in NAFO Area
N924 FC Doc. 84/3
(31 kb)
1984 Canadian Report on Overfishing in NAFO Area
N926 FC Doc. 84/5
(32 kb)
Soviet proposal on actions which could be taken by the Fisheries Commission in relation to international regulation of the fisheries
N932 FC Doc. 84/6
(841 kb)
Sixth Annual Meeting - September 1984 - Report of the Fisheries Commission
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