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1985 Fisheries Commission Documents


Serial No.
Doc. No.
N1045 FC Doc. 85/1
(38 kb)
Conservation and enforcement measures under study
N1032 FC Doc. 85/2
(19 kb)
EEC proposal regarding the group of cod stocks in 2J3KL that might be available in the Regulatory Area in 1986
N1044 FC Doc. 85/3
(23 kb)
Definition of terms of reference on question referred to Scientific Council
N1047 FC Doc. 85/4
(22 kb)
Changes in regulations to improve conservation in NAFO Regulatory Area
N1092 FC Doc. 85/7
(30 kb)
Canadian report on the NAFO Scientific Observer Scheme
N1098 FC Doc. 85/8
(1433 kb)
Seventh Annual Meeting - September 1985 - Report of the Fisheries Commission
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