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1995 Fisheries Commission Documents


Serial No.
Doc. No.
N2659 FC Doc. 95/1
(21 kb)
Proposed Alocations re Greenland Halibut in SA 2+3.
N2762 FC Doc. 95/2
(916 kb)
Report of the Fisheries Commission, Special Meeting, 30 January-01 February 1995, Brussels, Belgium.
N2763 FC Doc. 95/3
(763 kb)
Report of the Special Meeting of the Standing Committee on International Control (STACTIC), 10-12 May 1995, Dartmouth N.S., Canada.
N2791 FC Doc. 95/4
(38 kb)
Fisheries Commission's Request for Scientific Advice.
N2792 FC Doc. 95/5
(31 kb)
Resolution (re Greenland halibut).
N2793 FC Doc. 95/6
(30 kb)
Fisheries Commission's Request for STACTIC Advice - Terms of Reference.
N2794 FC Doc. 95/7
(1131 kb)
Report of the Fisheries Commission, Special Meeting 7-9 June 1995, Toronto, Canada.
N2795 FC Doc. 95/8
(1133 kb)
Summary of Proposals and Resolutions of NAFO (as of July 1995).
N2796 FC Doc. 95/9
(23 kb)
Minimum Fish Size.
N2797 FC Doc. 95/10
(30 kb)
Processed Length Equivalents.
N2798 FC Doc. 95/11
(40 kb)
Transmission of Information From Inspections.
N2799 FC Doc. 95/12
(37 kb)
N2799 FC Doc. 95/13
(64 kb)
Reporting of Catch on Board Fishing Vessels Entering and Exiting the Regulatory Area.
N2799 FC Doc. 95/14
(28 kb)
Mesh Size.
N2799 FC Doc. 95/15
(34 kb)
Port Inspections.
N2799 FC Doc. 95/16
(42 kb)
Follow-up on Apparent Infringements.
N2799 FC Doc. 95/17
(100 kb)
Pilot Project of Observers and Satellite Tracking.
N2799 FC Doc. 95/18
(32 kb)
Effort Plans and Catch Reporting.
N2799 FC Doc. 95/19
(52 kb)
N2799 FC Doc. 95/20
(88 kb)
Decision of the Fisheries Commission on Items Referred to the Annual Meeting from the Special Fisheries Commission Meeting in June 1995.
N2799 FC Doc. 95/21
(48 kb)
Management of Shrimp Fishery.
N2799 FC Doc. 95/22
(89 kb)
Fisheries Commission's Request for Scientific Advice on Management in 1997 of Certain Stocks in Subareas 3 and 4.
N2799 FC Doc. 95/23
(1156 kb)
Report of the Fisheries Commission, 17th Annual Meeting, 11-15 September 1995, Dartmouth, N.S., Canada.
N2799 FC Doc. 95/24
(760 kb)
Report of the STACTIC Working Group Meeting on Pilot Satellite Project, 24-26 October 1995, Brussels, Belgium.
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