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1997 Fisheries Commission Documents


Serial No.
Doc. No.
N2821 FC Doc. 97/1
(225 kb)
Conservation and Enforcement Measures (Supplement to NAFO/FC Doc 96/1).
N2832 FC Doc. 97/2
(1195 kb)
Report of the STACTIC Working Group on Satellite Tracking, 2-4 April 1997, Dartmouth, N.S., Canada.
N2919 FC Doc. 97/3
(1693 kb)
Report of the Standing Committee on International Control (STACTIC), 24-26 June 1997, Copenhagen, Denmark.
N2920 FC Doc. 97/4
(1281 kb)
Status of Proposals and Resolutions of NAFO (as of July 1997).
N2944 FC Doc. 97/7
(21 kb)
No Directed Fishery for Witch in Division 3L in the Regulatory Area.
N2945 FC Doc. 97/8
(50 kb)
Management Measures for Shrimp in Div. 3M in 1998.
N2946 FC Doc. 97/9
(20 kb)
3LNO Shrimp.
N2947 FC Doc. 97/10
(23 kb)
3L Cod.
N2948 FC Doc. 97/11
(25 kb)
Pilot Project for Observers and Satellite Tracking.
N2951 FC Doc. 97/12
(31 kb)
Inspector's/Trainee's Document of Identity.
N2967 FC Doc. 97/13
(113 kb)
Fisheries Commission's Request for Scientific Advice on Management in 1999 of Certain Stocks in Subareas 3 and 4.
N2968 FC Doc. 97/14
(1191 kb)
Report of the 19th Annual Meeting, 15-19 September 1997, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.
N2969 FC Doc. 97/15
(586 kb)
Report of the STACTIC Working Group on Satellite Tracking, 28-30 October 1997, Dartmouth, N.S., Canada.
N2970 FC Doc. 97/16
(97 kb)
Formats for the Electronic Transmission of NAFO Hails from Contracting Parties to the NAFO Secretariat.
N2971 FC Doc. 97/17
(46 kb)
Standardized File Format for Satellite Tracking Reports at the NAFO Secretariat.
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