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2005 Fisheries Commission Documents


Serial No.
Doc. No.
N5070 FC Doc. 05/1 (Rev.) (582kb)
NAFO Conservation and Enforcement Measures (updated 19 July 2005 re Annex I.A-Quota Table)
N5078 FC Doc. 05/2 (596kb) Report of the Meeting of the Standing Committee on International Control (STACTIC), 13-15 April 2005, Reykjavik, Iceland
N5088 FC Doc. 05/3
Recommendation regarding revision of Annex XX, Items 4.3-4.4
N5088 FC Doc. 05/4
Summary of Status of Proposals and Resolutions of NAFO - 2000-2005
N5168 FC Doc. 05/6
Annual Compliance Review - 2004
N5169 FC Doc. 05/7
EAF Interim Measures
N5170 FC Doc. 05/8
Proposal for amendment of the CEM concerning the Conservation of Sharks and Prohibition of Shark Finning
N5171 FC Doc. 05/9
Proposal for amendments to the NAFO CEM (transshipments)
N5172 FC Doc. 05/10
Proposal for amendment to the CEM - Article 7 - Greenland halibut in SA2 and Divs. 3KLMNO (designated ports re landings)
N5173 FC Doc. 05/11
Proposal for amendment to the CEM - Article 32 - Serious Infringements (addition of Saint-Pierre, France as designated port)
N5174 FC Doc. 05/12 (393kb) Accurate Identification of wolffish and hake species harvested in the NAFO Regulatory Area
N5175 FC Doc. 05/13
New and amended error codes in the Return messages and additional data-elements in RET messages
N5177 FC Doc. 05/14 (48kb) Fisheries Commission's Request for Scientific Advice on Management in 2007 of Certain Stocks in Subareas 2, 3 and 4
N5204 FC Doc. 05/15 (576kb) Report of the Fisheries Commission and its Subsidiary Body (STACTIC), 27th Annual Meeting, September 19-23, 2005, Tallinn, Estonia
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