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2012 Fisheries Commission Documents


Serial No.
Doc. No.
N6001 FC Doc. 12/1 (1.4MB)
NAFO Conservation and Enforcement Measures
N6016 FC Doc. 12/2 (999kb) Report of STACTIC, 2-4 May 2012, Brussels, Belgium
N6071 FC Doc. 12/3 (890kb) Summary of Status of Proposals and Resolutions of NAFO 2003-2012 (to Aug)
N6078 FC Doc. 12/5 (32.5kb) Report of the CPRS, WebEx Meeting, 4 September 2012
N6080 FC Doc. 12/6 (88 kb) Recommendations from the WGFMS-VME to the Fisheries Commission
N6081 FC Doc. 12/7 (26kb) Skates in Divisions 3LNO
N6082 FC Doc. 12/8 (22kb) Provision of VMS Data to NAFO Constituent Bodies
N6083 FC Doc. 12/9 (20kb) Rev. Closure of 3M Redfish Fisheries when TAC has been Reached
N6084 FC Doc. 12/10 (19kb) White Hake in Divisions 3NO
N6085 FC Doc. 12/11 (18kb) Shrimp in Division 3L - Deletion of Article 9.8
N6086 FC Doc. 12/12 (19kb) Proposal for the Establishment of Measures to Protect Sea Pens and Sponges in the NAFO Regulatory Area
N6087 FC Doc. 12/13 (34kb) Definition of Mid-water Trawl
N6088 FC Doc. 12/14 (21kb) Catch Recording in Logbooks (Tow by Tow/Set by Set)
N6089 FC Doc. 12/15 (25kb) Proposal to implement Cancel report ot the NAFO Measures
N6090 FC Doc. 12/16 (228kb) Proposal to implement error codes for duplicated reports/messages received by the Secretariat
N6091 FC Doc. 12/17 (57kb) Modificatin of NAFO Conservation and Enforcement Measures - Article 22 - Vessel Requirements
N6092 FC Doc. 12/18 (21kb) Proposal on lost or abandoned fishing gear
N6093 FC Doc. 12/19 (19kb) Proposed Amendment to NCEM Annex IV.B
N6094 FC Doc. 12/20 (21kb) Product Labelling under Article 24 - All product must be clearly labelled by species and identify the division of capture
N6095 FC Doc. 12/21 (28kb) Standardization of Conversion Factors in the NAFO Regulatory Area
N6096 FC Doc. 12/22 (19kb) Standardization of Observer program data and Reporting requirements in the NAFO Regulatory Area
N6097 FC Doc. 12/23 (575kb) Annual Compliance Review 2012 (Compliance Report for Fishing Year 2011)
N6098 FC Doc. 12/24 (57kb) Fisheries Commission's Request for Scientific Advice on Management in 2014 and Beyond of Certain Stocks in Subareas 2, 3 and 4 and Other Matters
N6101 FC Doc. 12/25 (82kb) Proposal for the updated framework for the presentations of Scientific Advice
N6102 FC Doc. 12/26 (24kb) Proposal for the improvement of the process to develop questions to the Scientific Council
N6103 FC Doc. 12/27 (37kb) Proposal for a Joint Fisheries Commission-Scientific Council Working Group on Conservation Plans and Rebuilding Strategies
N6104 FC Doc. 12/28 (38kb) Proposal for a Joint Fisheries Commission-Scientific Council Working Group on the Ecosystem Approach Framework to Fisheries Management
N6105 FC Doc. 12/29 (31kb) Proposal for a resolution on the protection of Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems from activities other than fishing
N6129 FC Doc. 12/30 (1.22MB) Report of the FC Working Group of Fishery Managers and Scientists on Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems, 11-13 September 2012, Bergen, Norway
N6130 FC Doc. 12/31 (1.97MB) Report of the Fisheries Commission, 34th Annual Meeting, 17-21 September 2012, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
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