NAFO Meeting Proceedings of the General Council and Fisheries Commission

This is an annual publication of the Proceedings which contains the reports of all meetings of the General Council and Fisheries Commission including their subsidiary bodies. The objective of this publication is to provide the Contracting Parties with a detailed consolidated text of all discussions initiated during the year. The proceedings of the Scientific Council are published separately in an annual issue of NAFO Scientific Council Reports.

Between 1980 and 1990 Meeting Proceedings were not published. Information pertaining to meetings held during these years has been compiled and presented through the annual link below.

Historical Meeting Proceedings have now been scanned and the complete series is available here. To view individual reports click the + and select READ MORE button when you expand the selection.


NAFO Meeting Proceedings and Reports

Meeting Proceedings - 2001

Meeting Proceedings - 2000

Meeting Proceedings - 1999

Meeting Proceedings - 1998

Meeting Proceedings - 1997

Meeting Proceedings - 1996

Meeting Proceedings - 1995

Meeting Proceedings - 1994


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