STACFAD Working Papers

As of 2018, STACFAD made the decision to make public their working papers. 


W.P No. Title
STACFAD WP 18-01 Internship Program
STACFAD WP 18-02 Report of the Annual Meeting of the International Fisheries Commissions Pension Society (IFCPS)
STACFAD WP 18-03 Update on implementation of the NAFO Performance Review Panel (PRP) recommendations tasked to STACFAD
STACFAD WP 18-04 Adoption of 2018/2019 Staff Committee Appointees
STACFAD WP 18-05 Office Relocation Update
STACFAD WP 18-06 Time and Place of 2019-2021 Annual Meetings
STACFAD WP 18-07 Amendments to the NAFO Rules of Procedure (Proposal by Norway)
STACFAD WP 18-08 Amendments to the NAFO Financial Rules (Proposal by Secretariat) 
STACFAD WP 18-09 Report on Scientific Research and Other Trust Funds (Prepared by the NAFO Secretariat)
STACFAD WP 18-10 NAFO Website Re-Design and Launch – Phase II: NAFO Public Site (Presented by the NAFO Secretariat) 
STACFAD WP 18-11 Update of Ad Hoc Virtual NAFO Website Re-Design Working Group: Phase II – Data Classification


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