NAFO Frameworks

Innovative Approaches to Managing the Fishery

  • NAFO Precautionary Approach is used for the improved protection of the resources. NAFO determines prudent resource management measures in the absence of sufficient scientific data.
  • Multi-year management plans have been used for newly-regulated stocks, such as white hake and thorny skate.
  • Ecosystem Approach. In the context of implementing the ecosystem approach to fisheries management, NAFO has prohibited bottom trawling on closed areas. NAFO has also been the first Regional Fisheries Management Organization (RFMO) to regulate the fishery of an elasmobranch, i.e. thorny skate.
  • Risk Based Management Strategies (RBMS). Conservation plans and rebuilding strategies for depleted stocks are required under the UN Fish Stocks Agreement. Several NAFO stocks have been under moratorium for many years in response.
  • Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE). Management Strategy Evaluation involves the evaluation of alternative management strategies encompassing clearly defined harvest control rules against a range of simulated realizations of the true fishery and fish stock dynamics. The aim of MSE is to identify those management strategies that are robust to the uncertainties while achieving performance targets required by managers. 

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