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1982 Fisheries Commission Documents


Serial No.
Doc. No.
N572 FC Doc. 82/1
(1106 kb)
Conservation and Enforcement Measures
N573 FC Doc. 82/2
(174 kb)
New Proposals and Studies recommended by the Working Group on Conservation and Enforcement Measures
N574 FC Doc. 82/3
(101 kb)
Brief justification of the alterations introduced as a result of the revision of the project of Conservation and Enforcement Measures (FC Doc. 81/IX/8) by the Working Group under its terms of reference
N575 FC Doc. 82/4
(33 kb)
Preliminary Report of the Working Group on Conservation and Enforcement Measures for NAFO-Meeting of the 24th and 25th June 1982
N621 FC Doc. 82/5
(67 kb)
Canadian Information Concerning Minimum Mesh Size Regulation in Canadian Fisheries Waters
N627 FC Doc. 82/7
(159 kb)
Canadian comments on Schedule IV of the Conservation and Enforcement Measures stipulating the Authorized Mesh Size of Nets
N628 FC Doc. 82/8
(23 kb)
Canadian Proposal on Mesh Size Regulations
N635 FC Doc. 82/10
(1083 kb)
Report of the Fisheries Commission - Fourth Annual Meeting - September 1982
N636 FC Doc. 82/11
(90 kb)

Rules of Procedure for the Fisheries Commission of NAFO

N637 FC Doc. 82/12
(372 kb)
NAFO New Mesh Size Regulations, Aspects of the Problem of their Formation. Suggesstion for a Solution.
N638 FC Doc. 82/13
(1127 kb)
Conservation and Enforcement Measures (+ Corrigendum)
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